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Tchernobog: The Dreaming God
This article is about the character/enemy Tchernobog. For Blood Wiki moderator, see User: Tchernobog

"What is known of Him has been distilled from the rantings and whispers of madmen and sorcerers. All that is certain is that His dominion will soon encompass the dimensions of earth. He is the Dark God, the Devourer of Souls, the One That Binds, and should He manifest His dread presence among us, every creature living or dead shall learn the meaning of eternal servitude. Not pleasant."
--Blood Beastiary

Tchernobog is the primary antagonist in Blood and a motivating factor in Blood II: The Chosen. He is a god of overwhelming power and controls the cult known as the Cabal. He is known by a multitude of names including "The Dreaming God", "The Sleeping God" (in reference to when he has no body), "The Devourer of Souls", and "The One that Binds" (in reference to the binding of dimensions). His name is spoken in whispers, for it's said that his interest is easily aroused. His interest is to establish dominion over all dimensions of the earth and enslave every living creature.

Since he is a god, he does not die naturally. He must be killed in order to bring about the next incarnation. The incarnations that Tchernobog takes bends its will towards evil or good. The 16th incarnation of Tchernobog is the being that is the final boss in Blood. The 17th and current incarnation of Tchernobog is Caleb, who assumed the mantle after defeating the 16th incarnation. Either because he doesn't know or refuses to accept it, Caleb does not use the power, and the realities between worlds begin to break down, allowing others to penetrate it.

The name Tchernobog is given to the one who has the power to bind and separate all dimensions from each other, and is not necessarily an evil being, but a necessary element of nature and reality. He serves as the force which separates dimensions and realities from co-mingling, and to do this, He needs a physical body, thus the need for the Cabal and incarnations.

The name is likely inspired by the Slavic god Chernobog, which translates to "black god." He was voiced by then Monolith Productions CEO Jason Hall resampled at a lower rate.


[edit] The Cabal

Sprite Sheet

Many millennia ago, Tchernobog's original body was destroyed through unknown means. He was forced to take over another body in order to complete his duties. In response, he formed the Cabal, whose purpose it is to furnish him with an incarnate body should His current one be destroyed.

Tchernobog molded the Cabal into a cult-like environment, with a firmly established leader. The role of this leader changes with each incarnation. The Cabal leader is the conduit through which Tchernobog speaks. This often results in the leader dominating those around him. Some leaders have been called upon to become the next incarnation of Tchernobog. When Tchernobog has no body, the next leader prepares himself for this duty. In Blood, the Cabal had no leader, due to Tchernobog's direct influence. This is demonstrated by Tchernobog sitting on his throne in the Hall of the Epiphany, speaking to the Chosen. However, with Caleb while loyal as the leader of the Chosen, he is assumed to be the most powerful non-god in the cult and would have been the next incarnation.

[edit] History

Many Millennia Ago

Tchernobog's age and origin is unknown. The Blood II documentation says that he is "as old as time". Many millennia ago, Tchernobog's original body was destroyed. The force he uses to separate the realities from each other was not and can not be destroyed. However, Tchernobog needs a physical body to accomplish his duties. Thus, He had to begin taking over other bodies in order to accomplish His duties. Thus, Tchernobog creates the Cabal to serve his purpose and provide Him with physical bodies to inhabit. Each time his body is destroyed, the leader of the Cabal is duty-bound to offer himself as the next incarnation.

The 5th Incarnation

Tchernobog took the body of a Buddhist high priest and this bent the Cabal into a religious regiment where only the pure where allowed to remain as members. They holed up in temples and practiced rituals of patience and control.

Descent into Evil

The 16th Tchernobog

The 16th (and most recent) incarnation of Tchernobog took the form of a bitter and hate-filled man, This resulted in the Cabal's desire for the acquisition of power, and would act as Tchernobog's army on earth. During this time, Tchernobog was an active force on earth and selected four of his ranks as the Chosen, elite servants and generals of his army.

The Cabal has always been about power, and this would lead to its downfall. Tchernobog cast down the Chosen, claiming failures in His name, and knowing they would return to seek vengeance. Tchernobog knew they would return with even more power with all the lives they took, so much that he would be able to "throw open the door between the worlds and inherit the Earth". Caleb was the only one to somehow transcend death and return, taking the lives of thousands of Cabal loyalists on his way to the Hall of the Epiphany. However, Caleb's power proved too much for Tchernobog and he was destroyed.

Caleb: The 17th Incarnation?

Caleb absorbed the powers of Tchernobog

After Caleb defeated Tchernobog at the end of Blood, Tchernobog's body disappears. Though it is not apparent, Caleb inherits the power of The One that Binds, but neglects to use it, either because he does not realize it or chooses not to. For a hundred years, Caleb wanders the Earth, the Cabal descends into chaos, and the separation between dimensions begins breaking down.

During Blood II: The Chosen, Gideon, after having rebuilt the Cabal into a corporate empire, attempts to kill Caleb and seize Tchernobog's power for himself, likely using himself as Tchernobog's next body. The now resurrected Ishmael tries convincing Caleb that the world will end unless he uses his power, with our reality being invaded by the forces of another reality. Caleb is reluctant, but after defeating The Ancient One, Ishmael convinces him that he must seal the rifts. Just as Caleb waves his arms and white sparkles surround him, the screen cuts to an epilogue, asking if Caleb really does close the rift, and then proceeds to the credits. Given the events in The Nightmare Levels, it appears that Caleb was successful, though cannot figure out how to get out of The Ancient One's dimension.

Whether or not he is truly the 17th incarnation is debatable, but he certainly has Tchernobog's binding powers.

[edit] Fighting Tchernobog

"His name is spoken only in whispers, for it is said that his interest is easily roused. Those who peer fully into his smoldering gaze are condemned to madness and death. You must find him before his powers become complete if you are to stand a chance. Even then, defeating him will require all your strength and ingenuity."
--Blood Manual


The 16th incarnation of Tchernobog is the final boss of Blood. He appears in "The Hall of the Epiphany", the final level of the game. His attacks are all fire/explosive based, and he can set the player on fire. He can also shoot blue flames with trailing fire that act like Napalm blasts but stronger. Touching Tchernobog also results in instant disintegration. When he dies, his body collapses. Blue tendrils of electricity flash over him and he evaporates.

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 1500
Pink on the Inside 2400
Lightly Broiled 4700
Well Done 4800
Extra Crispy 9800

Despite the developers once commenting that "compared to Tchernobog, Shub-Niggurath is a lazy slug", the actual Tchernobog was considered by many to be a little lacklustre in terms of difficulty. This led to the following comment in the 1.11 release notes: "Tchernobog is not so weak anymore."

[edit] Other Appearances

Animatronic Tchernobog

Inside C1L3: Lafayette Museum of Antiquities, the third level of the first chapter of Blood II: The Chosen, there is an animatronic exhibit of Tchernobog in the new "Dark God Exhibit". If you activate it, it makes a few feeble movements and then explodes, revealing the way out. Tchernobog also appears in some paintings in the CabalCo buildings, sometimes alongside Beasts.

Tchernobog also reappears in C5L3: JoJo's Big Adventure as part of a flashback during one of the Chosen's tales in The Nightmare Levels, bidding Ishmael to kill the circus staff keeping him imprisoned and come to his side, stating that for him there is "much work to do". Represented visually as a painting on the wall, for this appearance he was once again voiced by Jason Hall.

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