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Hostile Takeover - YouTube (Emmanuel EXE)

"I made Hostile Takeover a few years later, which was all unreleased content except for the secret levels and a modified BioSyn (hos-e1m6). Operations (hos-e1m7), Sub-Siege (hos-e1m8), and Showdown (hos-e1m0) were all originally Bloodbath maps and it shows — these are easily the weakest of the main set. I updated it recently to fix some of the bigger problems the add-on had (like excessive backtracking) but there's only so much that can be done." — Dustin Twilley, January 19, 2016

Hostile Takeover is a 2001 fan add-on for Blood by Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley, previous creator of Inherit the Earth (1999) and much later Death Wish (2011, 2017-2020). It features a ghost town, underwater base, carnival and island level, among others. Twilley re-issued the pack as a version 1.1 on July 18, 2013.


"The Cabal is at it again! They're trying to clone Tchernobog from some of the blood left laying around the Hall of Epiphany, and it's Caleb's job to stop them! A Stone Gargoyle leads the team from his prison stronghold, and after you destroy the Cabal's laboratories he'll have to go next! Not knowing where to begin, Caleb allows himself to get captured by the Cabal so they can lead him in the right direction. Now all he has to do is escape!" — Posted storyline

Caleb is trapped in one of series of metallic prison cells, guarded by a Zealot. Caleb stabs his captor in the back with his Pitchfork, and opens the cells, revealing himself to be imprisoned within a marina. He breaks and unlocks his way through the surrounding sheds and posts, detours through an electrotherapy clinic, and rides out on a motorboat (HOS-e1m1: Dockside Prison).

Cast adrift on the now burnt out vessel, Caleb swims to the shore of a mysterious island. He enterers a cavernous complex which snakes through the isle, one full of switches, traps, elevators and conveyors. Some lie deep underground, while others hang perilously from cliff-top to mountain peak, all signed with ritualistic markers. Finally, Caleb leaps into a frosted pool revealing the exit (HOS-e1m2: Castaway).

Caleb is swept away deeper into the icy wastes, fighting his way through frigid piers, glacial tunnels, gelid snowscapes and winding caverns. Defeating a Cerberus to get the Skull Key, Caleb makes his escape (HOS-e1m3: Frozen Cavern).

He emerges out into a waterfall adjacent carnival, with side shows connected by rickety bridges over watery crevasses. These include a fortune teller, target shooting, dynamite tossing, head soccer, freak show, and plenty of balloons to pop. Caleb rides through a house of horrors before taking his leave (HOS-e1m4: Marina Carnival).

Caleb exits into a back alley, dodging a crashing truck, and unlocks his way into the Wan Hu Market. He fights his way though a series of streets and shops, including the oddly specialized Pails 4 Sale, and strolls into Biosyn Miskatonic Station. He then takes a short rail journey to the Biosyn Area 52 research base, accessing various loading areas, elevator and conveyor systems and a handful of genetic experimentation labs (HOS-e1m5: Synister Streets).

From here, the player can either proceed directly into the main facility (HOS-e1m6: BioSyn), or access a hidden deeper area (HOS-sec1: OUTBREAK!). The fight through the cloning laboratories finally unlocks the centre of operations (HOS-e1m7: Operations), which also conceals access to a secret base under the sea (HOS-sec2: Sea Lab).

He trespasses through a submarine pen (HOS-e1m8: Sub-Siege), and emerges in an eerie ethereal city (HOS-e1m9: City of Syn). Caleb arrives at the final confrontation with the Stone Gargoyle commanding the cloning effort (HOS-e1m0: Showdown).

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