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Cheogh the King

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 2560
Pink on the Inside 3414
Lightly Broiled 5120
Well Done 6302
Extra Crispy 8192

"Cheogh rules over all gargoyles, but he has long yearned to hold higher rank in Tchernobog's army. His jealousy toward the Chosen was never kept secret. Now that you have been cast from Tchernobog's graces, envy has boiled into sheer abiding hatred. He will be anxious to meet you again and express his feelings for you."Blood Manual

Cheogh is the first boss of Blood, and the ruler of the gargoyles. He has longed to earn higher rank in Tchernobog's army and has an unabiding envy and hatred for the Chosen that has never been kept secret.

He is indistinguishable from Stone Gargoyles within the game - they are essentially the same enemy.

Cheogh attacks by shooting blue energy balls out of his eyes, which can sometimes home in on the player. When close, he attacks with his massive claws. Unlike other gargoyles, he does not attack by throwing bones.

When Cheogh attacks by blasting his blue projectiles, his eyes are blue and his body has a blue lightning effect on it, although it is not visible in the game and his eyes are grey because the greyscale palette is being applied to him. In the art files his eyes are blue when firing, as you can see it on picture on the left below. In Fresh Supply, Cheogh has blue eyes when firing.

Cheogh shoots blue energy balls from his eyes.

Cheogh is quite difficult to defeat, due to the weapons the player has at the time. Like other Stone Gargoyles, Cheogh is most vulnerable to the Tesla Cannon and Voodoo Doll. However, at the point of the game where Cheogh appears, these weapons are not yet available, except through cheat codes. Fire weapons and Bombs are unreliable, due to his swiftness. The best tactic is to keep a distance while running backwards and fire the Napalm Launcher, Sawed-Off Shotgun, or Tommy Gun. Another method is to crouch and look up. If Cheogh is floating above, he will be unable to cause damage.

Cheogh can be seen in the opening movie, where he swoops down from the darkness and kidnaps Ophelia. Later at the end of episode one "The Way of All Flesh", when Caleb arrives at the Altar of Stone and sees Ophelia crucified, Caleb shouts "Nooooo!". The altar begins to rumble. Caleb shouts "Show yourself! Show yourself!". The back wall of the altar crumbles, and Cheogh floats down and attacks.

After Cheogh is defeated, Caleb sets Ophelia on the altar and, using a can of gasoline, cremates her. He then walks over to Cheogh's corpse, and blows his brains out with his shotgun.