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"The Cabal, the cult dedicated to the worship of the Dark God Tchernobog (Caleb's nemesis in Blood) has changed drastically over the years. No longer content to remain a disjointed army of fanatics, they have organized a corporation to front their activities. Cabalco, as it is called, has grown to hold global interests in every major economic market. The Cabal's operations extend throughout this entire corporation, even to the point of recruiting its members from Cabalco employees. Some join willingly, some not so willingly. They are everywhere, and they consider Caleb and the other Chosen to be The Great Betrayers, those that destroyed the 16th incarnation of Tchernobog. The Cabal has dedicated itself to stopping Caleb. Gideon, the current leader of the Cabal, referred to by his followers as “The Word” has been raised from childhood to lead, and views the conflict between himself and Caleb as being very personal."--Blood II: The Chosen website

CabalCo Offices

Cabalco (an almagamation of Cabal Corporation, sometimes typed "CabalCo" or "Cabal CO") is the world's largest mega-corporation, introduced in Blood II: The Chosen. The enterprise is a construct of the Cabal as a front to their activities, hiding their purpose of enslaving the world. Its leader Gideon is considered responsible for bringing the Cabal from the dark ages of ignorance into the modern world. He chose to lead the Cabal and seize power through economic and political might rather than overt bloodshed or direct conquest, although their goal still remains to stop Caleb and bring about the next incarnation of Tchernobog.

By 2028, Cabalco holds global interests in every economic market; Gideon describes them as having their hands into everything from adult entertainment products to day-time television. Many of the levels point to other Cabalco-owned implements, such as tenements, mass transit, disease management, airships, construction and real estate, and meat packing. Cabalco is particularly adept at making weapons, such as the Cabalco Death Ray, TW-X59 Tesla Cannon, and Insect-a-cutioner. This is due to a well-funded R&D division, run by the Mad Scientist, which is also responsible for development of the Singularity Generator.

Employees and members of the Cabal are still separate entities, although new Cabal recruits are often taken from their staff. Some join willingly, some not so willingly. Their training consists of a psyche profile and brainwashing. They wear business uniforms in order to integrate into the general populace. Higher-ranking recruits are given more military training.


"The Cabal is a much more established group, with personality and purpose... The world is one ruled by what was only a shadow in the first game. After the Cabal attacked humanity in the first game and was rebuffed, they took a new direction. The Cabal leaders were visionary enough to see the changes coming in society, and how best to subvert them. Power would not be the deciding factor; money would be. The newly forming global economy would assure the only true control anyone would have in the chaos of the technological age would be economic control. In Blood 2, the Cabal is a world economic power, a huge mega-corporation eclipsing all others, an evil cult hiding just beneath the surface of the very fabric of society. As a result this world is a time of repression and despair, a future hopelessly caught in the past that is quickly deteriorating around them. In this way, I view Blood 2 as a tribute to Blood and the time period it was set in. We did not move forward in time to get away from Blood, but rather to romanticize the world in the way only long-term history truly can."--James Wilson III

Designer James Wilson III saw CabalCo as a logical progression from the cult's goals as shown in the original game, only adapting to a new time and place. However, as the Cabal actively traumatized the world in the first game, in the second they manage to weaken resistance through repression.