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Tchernobog was the leader of the Cabal in Blood

This article lists the known ranks/categories in the Cabal based on information from Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. Creatures like Zombies, Gargoyles, Spiders, and Hell Hounds are considered part of the Cabal but are considered to be unintelligent beasts.

Cabal Ranks[edit]

Gideon was the leader of the Cabal in Blood II


Blood (Plasma Pak): Green robes, wield TNT bundles exclusively. The instruction manual indicates they are "cultists-in-training", meaning they are the lowest-ranked type known.


Blood: Brown robes, wield Sawed-Off Shotguns and TNT bundles.

Blood II: Business suits, wield handguns and flare pistols. Male and female.


Blood: Gray/black robes, wield Tommy Guns.

Blood II: Military camouflage and respirators, wield submachine guns and assault rifles.

Zealot/Elite Cultist[edit]

Blood (Plasma Pak): Blue robes, wield Tesla Cannons and are resistant to electricity.

Blood II: Green/Black/Red trench coats and white masks, uses magic wield with mystical scythes.


Blood II: Blue armoured jumpsuit, wields Tesla Cannons or Napalm Launchers.

Mad Scientist[edit]

Blood II: Cabal scientist - head of CabalCo's research division, no known offensive capabilities.

The Chosen were the elite generals of the cult until Tchernobog cast them down


Blood (Plasma Pak): Red robes and are described as the "Chosen-in-Training", wield shotguns and transform into the Beast upon death.

The Chosen[edit]

Blood: The elite generals of Tchernobog's army. See also: Caleb, Ophelia Price, Gabriel/Gabriella and Ishmael.

Cabal Leader[edit]

Blood: Some believe it to be the man in the opening movie with with brown-robes and glowing eyes who acts as the conduit for Tchernobog. Deceased.

Blood II: See Gideon.

Ranks in Fan Media[edit]


These are a class of Cabal that do not appear in the official games (original Blood era), they do however appear in the fan made Blood TC and ZBlood. They are dressed in red robes and wield pistols (called "revolvers" in ZBlood). Their name comes from the new Chosen's human form from the Plasma Pak as they too wore red robes.


Another enemy that does not appear in any official Monolith Productions games, but in the fan-made Blood TC are the wizards (original Blood era). They hover in the air and dress in black robes and are practised in the dark arts. When encountered they cast curses on the player. Their sprite graphics are from the game Heretic by Raven Software, but their chant however is from Blood.

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