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Shial, Mother of Spiders

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking ~450
Pink on the Inside ~800
Lightly Broiled ~1000
Well Done ~1400
Extra Crispy ~1600

"The spider demon Shial makes her lair deep within the earth in the frozen North. Surrounded by her arachnid spawn, she skulks through darkness, feeding on those hapless souls who stumble into her cavernous labyrinth or are brought there by her loyal children. Those who fall victim to her learn of true agony as she digests them alive."Blood Manual

Shial is a giant spider and the second boss of Blood, guarding Gabriel. She has no direct attacks, but instead releases dozens of spiders at a fast rate. She lives in the arctic north in a deep mine, and is the only spider able to survive water. She lives on those who enter her lair accidentally or are brought to her by her spawn, where she digests them alive.

The model for Shial also acts as a "mother spider". Like Cheogh and the Stone Gargoyles, the enemies are indistinguishable in the game, besides their placement.

Shial is not a difficult enemy, since she has no direct attacks. In fact, if you reach the limit of baby spiders she can release, she will just wander over your head, not causing damage. She is most vulnerable to fire and explosives, like the Aerosol Can and Dynamite Bundles. This has the added effect of taking out a lot of her baby spiders. Another tactic is to crouch in front of her and unload the Tommy Gun straight on. This kills any baby spiders at the source, while doing damage and immobilizing her. If you have the Plasma Pak you can use the alternate fire for the Napalm Launcher from the outside of her nook to have it bounce around in her nest (but remember to move before the blast bounces back at you).

In the opening, Shial descends from the darkness above and carries Gabriel off as he screams "Get it off me! Get it off me!". Later, when Caleb encounters her lair (commenting "Hey, she-bitch, let's go!"), he finds Gabriel dead, wrapped up in a cocoon.

After defeating Shial, Caleb crushes her corpse under his boot, spattering green gore, and pulls Gabriel's heart out of its cocoon.