Blood: Dead on Arrival

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Blood: Dead on Arrival

Developer: MrFroz & Chunky Norwich

Publisher: MrFroz & Chunky Norwich

Designer: MrFroz & Chunky Norwich

Engine: GZDoom

Version: 1.6d

Released: March 26, 2018

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: Windows


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

Gameplay preview

"A mash-up of Blood and Doom 64. Play as sadistic gunslinger Caleb as he hunts down cult members and bloodthirsty demons, in his mission to thwart the resurrection of the dark god Tchernobog." — Official description from the now-defunct ModDB page

Blood: Dead on Arrival is a mod for Doom released on March 26, 2018 by MrFroz and Chunky Norwich that combines elements from Blood with those from Doom 64 on its single-player campaign and extra modes.


Blood: Dead on Arrival was created by MrFroz and Chunky Norwich. The project was conceived during late 2017, when MrFroz approached Chunky Norwich with the idea of making a new version of Caleb Versus Nazis, which was a previous Blood-themed mod for ZDoom that hadn't been updated for years even though it was still being played by many people on YouTube at the time. Initially MrFroz obtained permission to continue with development of Caleb Versus Nazis on his own, but later Chunky Norwich proposed him to instead work on a new Blood-inspired project from scratch as a team, to which he agreed.




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