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this is a page linking to the tabletop rpg version of blood found on 1d4chan the tabletop adaptation of the blood universe was devised by american bloodite savagereaper so he couid enjoy blood as a tabletop rpg with his friends at 1d4chan, a mediawiki website specializing in traditional tabletop games the link to the blood rpg page on 1d4chan is provided here: [[1]] and for a link to savagereaper's user talk pages on 1d4chan and the blood wiki follow these links: blood wiki user page:[[2]] his user page on 1d4chan: [[3]] if you want to contribute to the blood tabletop rpg you can use both of savagreaper's talk pages on either wiki.

Nothing has come of this project for a long time. Tread with caution. It may as well be dead for now but may live again.