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And she got her lesson, she said recently, (His advice: "Crank it up to 11.") <a href=http://www.moncler-outlet.com.co/>moncler outlet</a> Which Tuesday did they hit through copper wires - the internet issue at Central Park has been ongoing since APRIL - if not before, for some residents. Also, NORTHERN ECHO, when I ring up to put a complaint in about BT regarding them not putting my services active so that I can go with whoever I like as my internet/ telephone provider - I expect you to blame BT..... and not blame KEEPMOAT HOMES for the issue: http://www.thenorthe rnecho.co.uk/news/lo cal/darlington/13524 802.Disconnect_in_Da rlington_as_resident s_fight_for_broadban d/ This new article is practically a follow on from the one in the link above..... KEEPMOAT WERE NEVER TO BLAME - and I stated that to you NUMEROUS TIMES!!!! .... for the record - BT have lied to me constantly on the phone - Keepmoat have always kept me in the loop, and the site manager, Ray, for Keepmoat has often visited my home to advise me of the situation between BT and the issue of no internet...... Between us, we have been unable to get BT to fully co-operate and resolve the issue!..... I have been battling with BT to get internet to my home - mainly because I run an online business, and often I am responding to customers emails up until 9/10pm at night --- there's only sooo much phone Data I can use (when creating a HOT SPOT to my iPad, etc - considering O2 cap the thing! ............... regardless, until this internet issue is sorted - I hold BT fully responsible - they have been told via myself over Twitter and Facebook repeatedly (as i'm sick of calling up and getting through to "Hi, my name is Jeff" each time), to be told it will be sorted by Tuesday/ it'll be sorted by tomorrow/ it's gonna take 4 weeks - the cable wasn't laid to your phase! ...... Personally, I think BT messed up from day one and they blamed Keepmoat and, recently, they brought the Council in to the issue - stating the council won't allow them to lay cables - which is a load of BULL out of Trevor Bond's mouth (a guy who works for BT)..... BT have blamed EVERYONE else but themselves! .................... ........ If they actually hit through a copper cable (or whatever crap they are stating 'this time') then surely, it would have been replaced by now!...... For instance, if they hit through a gas pipe it would be sorted asap! ...... BT are a bunch of muppets - and if they don't get internet sorted to my house (so that I can actually go with ANY provider ''''but them'''') then i'm afraid i'm going to have to run either a MASSIVE 'repeater' from the roof of my work address - and connect my home gadgets to my work internet - technically FREE OF CHARGE!!!! ................ alternatively - I could always link myself up to the college's internet! (because, lets be honest, they will have internet when the students go back!)............ I am a customer willing to pay for services - BT should be bending over backwards for me! Yet, all I get off Trevor Bond (that guy from Bt) is - "Aw, I understand where your coming from, but you should think yourself lucky as there's residents over near the hospital area who aint had internet since August - August LAST YEAR!" --- some customer service that is, makes me wanna go with BT as a provider #NOT!.......... the MUPPET wants to get round my house so I can ram the BT modem box which is switched on (with power lights visible) up his crack! .............. If I aint got internet to my property by the end of this month - then i'll make my own internet! .................. absolutely sick of the situation now - tryna run an '''ONLINE business'''' and I can't even get internet allowing me to work from home (as and when required)........... ...... it's like living in the F'ing STONEAGE! .............. most mornings I am having to go in to work for 5.30am - just to keep emails, and customerservice for the business at it's peak .................... ....... the situation needs resolving - otherwise BT can compensate me for the approx 4x months i've had no internet (bearing in mind, I moved in the house in April/ May - there's residents who moved in before me in the EXACT same predicament) ........ so, hit through a copper cable ---- I don't think sooooooooooo..... not where Central Park is concerned - that's for sure! 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Once WE Energies completes remediation and the Department of Natural Resources gives its approval, the city will begin construction on an entryway and promenade. 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