Vulcan Cannon

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"Potentially the most powerful weapon in the game, this gun combines an insanely high rate of fire with great range, and great damage."--Blood II: The Chosen Manual

Vulcan Cannon
Vulcan Cannon

The Vulcan Cannon, also known as the Mini-Gun, is potentially the most powerful weapon in Blood II: The Chosen. It is a high-powered machine gun with great range and an insane rate of fire, but consumes ammo rapidly, continuing to fire even after trigger is no longer pressed. In addition, the chamber needs to wind down completely before it can be fired again. This makes it an ideal weapon for large enemies or crowds, but wasteful on anything smaller. Only characters with high strength can use this weapon to its greatest advantage. This is Gabriella's signature weapon.

AMMO TYPE: Bullets
REGULAR FIRE: Fires a round. Longer depression of the trigger will mean longer wind-down time
ALTERNATE FIRE: Same as regular