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Good to be here!

I thank you Gideon, for your greeting. It's good to around people I can relate to. I will try to send all the support I can for this young Wiki. Now to what you said about Blood III. I do too, feel the same way the spiders, gargoyles, and hellhounds. I belive that these monsters fled when their masters were killed.

This is my answer. Yes, Blood III: The Reckoning will feature these enemies, but in outstanding graphics. I think I should mention that Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus will come back in the squel to Blood II: The Chosen. An explanation will also be present for the monsters that did'nt appear in the squel. Since the bosses will be back, I will let Caleb fight with them al least once, while fighting Choegh numerous times. This was decided on the fact the Choegh and Caleb have always hated each other before and after the death of Ophelia. Keep in mind, Gideon, that this is all still in the works, leaving open space for your and other users ideas. I would really like your feedback on this, as well as the other users. You have my regards.

By the way, I feel that Gabriel became what she is today due to a disfuction in her ressurection. When she was to be brought back as Gabriel, instead, became Gabrielle. The rift in the realities could be at fault for the gender switch. What do you think? Feel free to anwser here or at my article.

-- By User:Drudge Master

Re: Good to be Here

By first glance, you seem like the person thats wants to revive the fans of Blood and Blood II at the same time with Blood III. Uniting them under one game, as the Bloodites they are! I wanted to do the same thing. Execpt a little different from your idea.

The Cabal end up a demoralized people once again, lossing CabalCo and the cult members are now left on their own. A new leaderhas arisen, calling himself the new Word of the Cabal. A name is still being decided, but I'd wanted him to be the son of Gideon and heir to the throne. He belives that the Cabal must go back to what it was, wearing their robed uniform and conducting dark magic once again. In Blood III: The Reckoning, the robed cultist will be back to hunt down Caleb once more. But the leader's main intent is not to kill Caleb, it's to ressurect the Dark God, Tchernobog. If Caleb happens to get in the way, the Cabal will be more than happy to return the favor.

Caleb, on the other hand, doesn't even know of this, due the Cabal moving in secret and away from the public. He figures that they are done for. It should be noted that if User:Tchernobog wants the Chosen to get back to their reality through How Much Time Has Passed, I will be happy too add that into the storyline. One of the main things I want Blood III: The Reckoning to be is a game made from the fanbase, with their own ideas and stories. The Chosen have been recuiting some servents of their own, gifted with experence in firearms and dark magic. I've have called the group the Blood Hand, meaning the many lifes the group has taken at their own hands. But I'll be willing to take a different name.

Anyway, the new cult leader wants to bring Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus back life, thinking that why should Caleb be the only one with allies. With each of the bosses making cutscene apperences through the course of the game, with each of the other three Chosen's murders having a more larger part. Caleb fights everyone, with Choegh hunting Caleb down with the rest of his gargoyle army. Petros and Lithos would be Choegh's second in command, having Caleb fighting and killing each one of them. Both one-on-one, and two-on-one, with the two leaders batting Caleb near the end before the final fight with Choegh. In the end, Caleb will battle a resserected Tchernobog in the final battle to inherit the Earth. All the stuff in the middle will be created later on. One last note, I never saw the scene where Caleb brings The Chosen back to life. I always figured Caleb kept trying to bring them back, but failed numerous times. But due to the rift in the fabric of time, he got lucky. I'am not sure, though. Well, that's whats happening with Blood III: The Reckoning as of now. As always, I'll be happy to get insight from other people. Thank you!

-- By User:Drudge Master


Good, I like it. The idea of Gideon's son was thought up before with the name "Daimian" (On the Planet Blood Mail Bag). It is quite common for fan things to involve a lot of bringing back old characters, but as this idea seems to be to create the “Ultimate Blood” why not! I look forward to working on this project. I would also like to see more magical weapons as there are actually very little in the Blood games. Though we would need a good explanation on how the public deals with the disappearance of CabalCo, after all it was an economic empire. I think that the best way to represent this is that the rest of the world is in economic and physical chaos, with the cities in wrecks and so on (not to mention the still untolled damage caused by the Ancient One).

Okay for the gargoyles, Petros and Lithos are the heads during the gargoylian exile until Gideon's son calls them out of their dark hiding place. There they and their gargoyle subordinates perform a dark ritual to raise Cheogh. Whose hatred of Caleb is ten fold now that he was the one that killed him. Petros, the eldest brother becomes the head of the Legion of Stone the elite sect of stone gargoyle. Lithos becomes the head commander of the large flesh gargoyle army.

The spiders have dwindled in their arctic hideouts over the last hundred years. Their numbers have lessened considerably over the past hundred years due to a lack of mother spiders. Again till Gideon's son calls them and resurrects Shial who sets out to rebreed her race. And so forth.

I am pondering up a scenario for the beastly exile revolving around the end plot of the Plasma Pak.

As to our ideas as a game, what are you planning exactly? An IoQuake mod? Anyway I would like to know because I would defiantly go for it to be Linux compatible and preferably a Free Software engine. Also do you have any experience with FPS modding and creation (All we have as of now is experience with a simple Game Maker FPS engine and primitive Doom modding, though I am planning to build an FPS engine with OpenGL with Gambas someday)?

- User:GideonGideon May 1, 2008


I like the way you think, Gideon! I have also been in the mail bag of Planet Blood for quite some time now. I like what you did with Petros and Lithos, too. But I really don't have any expertise in game modding and programing. I am mostly familiar with hardware extraction from computers and installations of drivers. I apologize for that. But, I think we can make this happen with the Blood II: The Chosen source code that is all ready open to the public. We can get of ahold of that and start building The Reckoning form the ground up, just like CabalCo. Just look at Kurt, he has done a lot all by himself. Trying to make a mod that's a worthy sequel to Blood. Now that's a true Bloodite. When we do start, I believe we can just make heavy graphic enhances to the game, re texturing completely everything. Making new 3D models for their characters. I think Blood II: The Chosen is free software, I got a free copy download from Home of The Underdogs.

For Cerberus, Daimian can returned to the castle with the Lord of All Nightmares and conduct a ritual. By gathering canines and throwing them into a circle of fire. Two very strong dogs, keep that in mind. The two canines will die by the flames, their ashes will fall two the ground, opening the gate for Cerberus to returned. Fully arisen, Cerberus may be able to summon his Hell Hound allies to aid him in battle. He does this by howling and opening fiery portals around, allowing Hell Hounds to come to our world. Most likely from Hell.

In the end, I don't really know how we should go about this. Right now, I think Blood II's LithTech engine might be best, we just have to enhance it greatly. Well, it's your move Gideon! -- By Drudge Master

More on the Reckoning

A Blood II mod would work. LithTech 1 (eg: that of Blood II) does have lots of source code released for modding purpose, not all mind you. However the Reckoning would fall under what is compatible with the legalities. The problem is that it is hard to run on Linux, though we have had certain successes WINEing and we are working hard at getting it working better (it is a shame Hyperion did not also port Blood II as well as Shogo). However I am a fan of LithTech, it is a cool engine with nice config files and graphics. I have never been that much interested in Blood II: Resurrection, mostly because it seems to be made out of spite against Blood II and I think anything made out of that is not worth my time (just an opinion LOL!). One comment, you want the "Lord of all Nightmares" to be involved in bringing back old Cerbi right? You do have to kill him at the end of Cryptic Passage so how can he (or rather the two of them) be alive? I also have another question, where do you live? You always post at one o'clock in the morning (Central Albertan Canada Time), good thing we are in the habit of staying up late. I see you have accepted that name for Gideon's son I dug up. I also know that the Blood II business suite cultist was unpopular but if we ditch it entirely some Blood II fans may get upset. Maybe and interesting plot could come along this line, since the CabalCo cultists where brainwashed maybe if CabalCo is lost they are amuck master-less causing havoc or something. - User:Gideon May 2, 2008

As User:Tchernobog informed you we are continuing this discussion here: Talk:Blood_III:_The_Reckoning.


Phone me when you get this on my cell for internet related business Cerberus 16:05, 1 August 2008 (EDT)

Blood 2 : The Unforgiven

Thanks for putting news of my story on the front page.  I appreciate it.  But could you please change the byline from theWallflower to your name.  Otherwise it looks like I posted the news myself, and that would look tacky. 


TheWallflower 10:07, 22 September 2008 (EDT)

Terminator -> Neo

Thanks for changing one of Björn Wehrhan fan artworks depicting Caleb vs Neo that was misinterpreted as Caleb vs Terminator. I updated some reference to this image at the very end of References in Blood page.

Death Wish

Hello, I decided to follow your advice and downloaded Death Wish. I am usually very skeptical about mods, but this one blew my mind - it's really good. So good, that it even surpasses the original game's levels sometimes. I'll play some more tonight... -- Ishmael 10:35, 24 May 2013 (CDT)

index report of the german BPjM TO BLOOD

I have contact the German federal authorities to get the report on the banning of BLOOD in Germany. I would leave you the report for your wiki. Write me an e mail L3GEND [(-at-)]

Can I have an account on this wiki?

Hi. I was editing some articles lately, and I really wish I could be an user so I can upload new media to the articles.

Account for BloodWiki?

  • Hi, I'm AdrenalinCDA. I've been researching Shogo for a year now and I managed to work on a mod for it called Aegis. I am interested in renovating the Shogo sub-section (adding new documentation to gameplay and content, including those cut). If you are able to, I would like to receive an account and possibly collaborate with you to make sweeping additions in order to give Shogo the coverage it deserves and needs. Thanks for reading!
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welcome to your life: the blood tabletop rpg

hi! its me savagereaper i beileve we havent been introduced. 

perhaps you shouid look at my user page on the end of my signature. anyways i started a blood project titled welcome to your life: the blood rpg and because you are one of the principal authorities on the subject of blood perhaps you couid be involved with the project. just a thought. i thought you couid be the first person to ask when we had questions about blood related things. not exactly involved with the rules side of things (unless you want to be) anyways if you are interested in assisting us with our task we wouid be grateful for your assistance. if you wouid like to reply to me please answer here or in my user talk pages on 1d4chan [[1]] or on my user talk page on the end of my signature. Savagereaper (talk) 01:37, 29 June 2020 (EDT)

Account Requested

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