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Name: Hamish Paul Wilson

Gender: Male

Born: May 13, 1994 (Age Seventeen)

Location: Farm near Seba Beach, Alberta Canada

Citizenship: Canadian, Kiwi (By Descent)

Notable Works: Blood Wiki, Tome of Blood, and Bloodite Interviews

Religion: Atheist

Politics: Marxist


This is the user page of the head moderator of this Wiki. For the Blood character and other incarnations see: Tchernobog

The One that Binds the Wiki Articles together :P

I always hated Penny Arcade for some reason, and now I have a reason:

Praise for the Blood Wiki[edit]

"It's good to be around people I can relate to. I will try to send all the support I can for this young Wiki." - Mark Anthony Schaller (Drudge Master)

"I'm very impressed with the detail and thoroughness of [the Blood Wiki]. I'm learning things about Blood that I never knew existed." - Eric Juneau

"You can read an article about [The Flesh Game] on Blood Wiki. I started to make [the new Flesh Game] because they showed me how people can love a game (not mine but the real Blood, of course... )." - Tamás Tóth

"It's wonderful to see what Tchernobog [and other users have] done with this wiki. The blood wiki is now functioning at a level that almost replaces everything planetblood used to do. I hope you folks can keep it going." - ZZaRDoZz

"I added your site to my [signature]. I must say, you have done a great job with it! Nice work!" - Joe Volante

"Thank you for the [Duke versus Caleb article] on the Blood Wiki. The article is well written." - Darkone1349

"Yes, keep up the good work. " - Ryan Williams

"Wow nice going on the Wiki" - RedFanatic

"I salute you guys efforts of gathering every small info about Blood" - Dávid Pethõ (Final Caleb)

"Looks great" - Dwayne Anderson

"Good luck with the Blood Wiki site. I've read most articles and enjoyed it allot. Nice to see some of the old classic games are still supported by a group of devoted people!" - Mike, Shogo Tribute

Hosted Pages[edit]

This promises to be Fun!
Now, where did all those gun toting madmen get to?
Mika Polvikoski artwork modified to be a Wallpaper

The Tome of Blood[edit]

My works of Blood fan fiction collected in the form of the Tome of Blood the largest collection of Blood fan fiction yet written as well as two pieces of fan artwork.

My Blood Stories[edit]

My Blood Poems[edit]

My Blood Fan Artwork[edit]


Blood Related:

Also of interest, my first Contact with the Blood Community

Me Elsewhere

(Bad) Jokes[edit]

As his namesake, I would like to stress that Tchernobog got a rather undeserved reputation over the years. No one mentions his good side, such as the fact he murders babies, which helps deal with overpopulation and supplies birth control to many. Besides, his dog liked him!

Gideon comments about Caleb's progress towards the end of Blood II: The Chosen:

Gideon: If it was not for the incompetence of my minions, Caleb would be kissing babies by now!

Prophet: Thats "pushing daisies", Sir,

Gideon: Thats what I said!

Blood II Wine Gallery[edit]