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'''Name:''' Hamish Paul Wilson
'''Name:''' Hamish Paul Wilson

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Name: Hamish Paul Wilson

Website: http://icculus.org/~hamish/

Gender: Male

Born: May 13, 1994 (age 21)

Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta

Residence: Rural Alberta, Canada

Citizenship: Canada, New Zealand

Profession: Farmer, Student

Notable Works: Blood Wiki, Tome of Blood, and Bloodite Interviews

Religion: Atheist

Politics: Marxist

This is the user page of the head moderator of this Wiki. For the Blood character and other incarnations see: Tchernobog

Hamish Paul Wilson, known on the Blood Wiki as Tchernobog, is one of the founders of the Blood Wiki and continues to be one of the principle administrators and moderators. He remains an active Bloodite and for the most part always has at least one game of Blood or Blood II going at any one time, and they are never going to leave his desktop.

He is also a fan of many other older games as well as some more modern independent titles, and is a strong advocate for both GNU/Linux native and DRM free gaming. He graduated from high school in 2013, and what free time is not taken up by his gaming is often consumed by his other pursuits including free software development, writing, politics, and farming, with both cattle and chickens under his care. In addition to his role on the Blood Wiki, he is also a moderator for two other fandom wikis and is part of the editorial team for the popular GamingOnLinux website.

Selected Works

All of his works of Blood fan fiction are collected in the form of Tome of Blood, the largest individual collection of Blood fan fiction yet written including several short stories, three poems, and one novel, as well as two pieces of Blood fan artwork.


Lost in the Wastes (2008)
The Man in the Dark Hat (2008)


Fan Artwork

Shogo Fiction

In addition to his Blood stories he has also contributed to The Expanded Cannon for Shogo: MAD, including five short stories, two novellas, and one full length novel, the latter three making up an interlocking trilogy of connected stories.

  • Life After Death (2008)
  • Military Academy (2008)
  • Looking for the Next Best Thing (2008)
  • Stragglers (2008)
  • Sex & Violence (2008)
    • Thanks for the Memory (2009)
      • Never Too Late (2014)

Hosted Pages

External Links