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Tommy Gun

"The Tommy Gun is a favorite of the Cabal for its rapid rate of fire and impressive accuracy. On the down side, it chews up ammo quickly. The alternative mode is a strafing attack that covers a wider area with twice as many bullets, which is an effective way to clear out a room."--Blood Manual

The Tommy Gun, also known as Thompson's Machine Gun is a weapon in Blood. It is characterized by a high rate of fire, making targeting less necessary, but uses up a lot of ammo. Fanatics often use and drop this weapon or its ammo.

The Internet Movie Firearms Database suggests that it is a Thompson M1921.

In Blood II: The Chosen this weapon has been replaced by the more modern Submachine Gun and Assault Rifle.

AMMO TYPE: Bullets or bullet drums
REGULAR FIRE: Fires bullets at a high rate
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires a spread of bullets the width of the screen area