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TIMEE1M5 via NBlood
Time Episode

Developer: Pyro

Publisher: elisanet, RTCM

Designer: Pyro

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: 1.0

Released: September 17, 1999

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"This is perhaps the best mappacks I have made for duke nukem3d engined games. The story goes like this: You have killed some innocent people and you have no other way but to jump off the building. After that you'll wake up in hell and escape trough a time portal, make your way back to your own time and kill the evil flying lizard (Maybe it's mr. Satan. Who knows?). Copy the files to your blood1 directory and start the first episode. If you want back the old blood1's first episode just delete these levels from the folder. Does not work with blood1 DEMO!!!" — Official description

Time Episode is an eight level fan add-on for Blood created by Pyro; files last modified on September 17, 1999.


The player is a mass murderer who in a fit of remorse, or because the authorities have finally caught up to him, leaps off a tall building to end it all, and is sent to hell. From thereon out it is his quest to escape hell through a time gate and then make it back to his own time.

After traversing through various infernal and surreal climbs, armed only with a pitchfork, the man passes through a portal (TIMEE1M1). The killer is transported into a small village, and fights through some aqueduct tunnels before stumbling across another singularity (TIMEE1M2). He comes to shopping complex, cleaving his way through the multiple stories of shops and walk ways, including a gun store and target range, before coming across track and carts (TIMEE1M3). He rides out, taking out some unwanted companions, and leaps into a passing vehicle (TIME1M4).

The player finds himself amidst a cultist assault mysteriously frozen in time, but not everything is perfectly still and quiet. Fighting through wreckage, minefields and artillery craters, the person unlocks three sealed doors. Riding another track and ascending along some narrow ledges, he again evaporates into time (TIMEE1M5). Re-emerging in a euthanasia ward and morgue, he then battles in the streets (encountering a rather curious DeLorean) and through a subway station, excavations and an inn, before being whisked away once again (TIMEE1M6). Materializing in a ceremonial chamber, the murderer walks into a fleshy tunnel and comes face to face with a Stone Gargoyle, described as a flying lizard who may or may not be Satan (TIMEE1M7).

Finally he emerges in an urban area with more cars and rails, which expands into an auto-parts plant, a recreation centre complete with basketball court and pool, a hospital, movie theatre, mall and alleys in between. Coming across a final temporal warp past the shipping department, the man steps through only to find himself stuck in a loop, as the final level simply re-loads (TIMEE1M8). Whether or not this was an accidental design choice, or an analogy for purgatory, our player forever remains.


"A rather surreal and creative effort, even if a bit of a mixed bag in terms of technical proficiency. The lighting, texturing and sector alignment can often be fairly lacklustre, but at the same time there are some very intriguing set pieces, such as the initial rooftop suicide and voyage to hell, the level linking portals, the time freeze section, a laser you need to use to blow out a locked door, a triggerable mine field, artillery guns, moving carts, vehicles and more. The game balance is also pretty solid, and it actually gave me more need to switch out my shotgun for alternatives than most other campaigns I have played. Definitely shows its age, and does not really stand up against more modern add-ons, but nevertheless one that shows off a remarkable amount of ambition for its time and has enough surprises to keep one guessing until the end."Graham "Gideon" Wilson, Blood Wiki

"The levels are not anything of the other world, since they suffer from the typical mistakes of first-time maps: celestial illumination, levels little proportioned, special effects little care, among others. Although the appearance would not stimulate any player there are some points that are quite curious. Throughout the levels we will find artillery, corpses frozen due to a previous explosion, the occasional RoR badly used, a kind of DeLorean (as the character is using dimensional portals the author thought it convenient to make a nod to Back to the Future, I think) , explosions, and a level entirely dedicated to a chase where several cars surround us. In addition, on some levels (closer to the end) lighting and texturization improve, which gives me to understand that as I made the levels was improving techniques. The difficulty goes at times, but those moments are usually intense. It will be better to take good care of your health and carry it from time to time if you see that life falls drastically, because until you find a medicine cabinet or a miserable essence of life you will have a good time. The armament and the ammunition will not be left at the beginning, although once we advance we will have more bullets, cartridges and dynamite packages. And well, the close confrontation at the end is against a gray gargoyle. Honestly, I expected Cerberus to appear because of the hell theme, and I appreciate that it was a stone gargoyle. After having received enough bullets I did not want to fight against the two-headed dog, or even Tchernobog. Now I understand that this episode will go unnoticed (to my knowledge, only four cats know it) because of the quality of the levels. It is not the great thing and it entertains just and necessary to not leave it out of boredom."Blood Hispano (via Google Translate)

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