The Way Of All Flesh

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The Way Of All Flesh is the first episode from the game Blood. The episode was also available in the demo version of Blood; but unlike the full version of the game, the weapon choice was limited up to six weapons, whereas the full version comprises of 12 weapons including the detonators. The episode comprises of eight levels including an extra secret level entitled "House of Horrors" which can be reached through the level "Dark Carnival".


Caleb rises from his grave in a tomb located in a graveyard of the "Morningside Mortuary" funeral home with the words: "I live... again" (E1M1: Cradle to Grave). He begins by searching for his love Ophelia, taken by the gargoyle Cheogh. Unfortunately, Tchernobog's followers are everywhere. Caleb moves to the train station behind the cemetery (E1M2: Wrong Side of the Tracks) and boards the "Phantom Express" (E1M3: Phantom Express). He kills all the Cabal on the train and releases the safety locks on the boiler, exploding the engine and derails the train. He emerges from the wreckage and finds he has arrived at a carnival (E1M4: Dark Carnival) with several Cabal-controlled attractions. Caleb finds a broken bridge and a pond. If he crosses the bridge, he finds a side path to a new ride under construction (E1M8: House of Horrors). Either way, an underwater cavern leads him to one of the Cabal strongholds, a deconsecrated cathedral, where the droning chant in the Cabal's language echoes throughout the grounds (E1M5: Hallowed Grounds). Cutting through swarms of Cabal loyalists and other creatures, Caleb gains entrance to The Great Temple (E1M6: The Great Temple), a place protected by numerous underwater tunnels, traps, and Cabal minions. Caleb finds a teleporter that leads him to a rotunda, which leads to Cheogh's temple (E1M7: Altar of Stone). Caleb finds Ophelia at the top of the altar, crucified on a slab. He screams in anguish, when the temple begins to rumble, and a wall collapses. Cheogh emerges and Caleb slays him. He takes Ophelia down and places her on a funeral pyre to cremate her body. Afterward, he approaches the body of Cheogh, points his shotgun at the creature's head, and pulls the trigger one last time.


1. Cradle To Grave:

Cradle to Grave (E1M1) is the first level of the first episode in Blood. It was featured in both retail and shareware version. It depicts the start of the game story and the first point where the player takes control.

Level Designer: James Wilson Song Track: 3 - Unholy Voices (CD-Audio), UNHOLY (MIDI)