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"Your name is Sam, you come back from the shop, to chat with the best friend of the famous sect Reality ... He tells you that he is in it and what it is today in this city. Suddenly turns into a lump of fluff ripey: Sect picks war, sectarian wet ordinary citizens ... At the head of the sect - a certain Linda. What is it - the fruit of imagination or a real person? This is for you and to be seen making their way through the crowds of enemies and mysterious creatures who came from a parallel world. After all, you - it is not just a man who decides to zaschatit his wife and son, you - the American Commando, who was in Iraq ... So, your enemies nepozdorovitsya." — LifeKILLED (rough translation)

"One Unit Whole Blood Simple DOSBox Launcher v2.0 Test/Demo - Sect War" (Dexid) - YouTube

The Sect War is a fan add-on for Blood by LifeKILLED (co-creator of Old Friend) of the Russian Blood Community released on December 23, 2005.


  • 20 new maps in 2 episodes
  • New story, new graphics, new sounds
  • Expanded Blood engine - bosses, stairs, car ride, nuclear explosions.
  • Dynamic music, which varies, depending on the circumstances.

Episode 1: Hell Ballads[edit]

  • crush01
  • crush02
  • crush03
  • crush04
  • crush05
  • crush06
  • crush07
  • crush08

Episode 2: Eden Rock[edit]

  • dissap01
  • dissap02
  • dissap03
  • dissap04
  • dissap05
  • dissap06
  • dissap07
  • dissap08
  • dissap09
  • dissap10
  • dissap11
  • dissap12

Dead Letters[edit]

"Your mission is to enter the mansion of the dead magnate who killed his family and committed suicide. When still alive, he hid many treasures but nobody knows where. Look for his diary to be able to find them." — Official description

Another effort by the same author, with one level entitled "Ghost Of Family Killer".

Links: Deep Cold Grave,

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