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The Blood III: The Reckoning project currently doesn't have any technological base or game play; it is just a design idea. Some options have been discussed, from using LithTech as a Blood II modification, or working on building a custom built engine with OpenGL made in Gambas (as User:Gideon continues to experiment with). We are playing around with many different technological implementations, and we are open to anything. User:Cheogh has experimented successfully with modifying ioquake3 models and is learning how to use the Blender modeller. Both User:Tchernobog and Gideon have played with the Doom engine, (in both Doom Builder and Yadex). Gideon and Tchernobog both have a certain amount of game programming experience, but to their own admission, no true 3D programming experience. They have created 2.5D first person shooter games inside of Game Maker 6, and User:Gideon has slightly looked into 3D engines made in QBasic (such as a version of Build). There are many advantages, and disadvantages to these various approaches (some are available on different operating systems, some are free software, some would allow for more modification, etc). The Blood III team will continue to experiment and research, until we get something that is capable of bringing our vision of a squeal to Blood and Blood II to life. For now, the story and ideas are our main focus! If we don't get a game, we can at least tell a good story!

If you have any 3D programming experience, or any modding experience, please join us!

Note: GNU/Linux support is something desired by Gideon, Tchernobog, Cerberus, and Cheogh, and they would prefer the use of a free software engine. User:Drudge Master has raised no objection to this.