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This was a speculative project opened by User:Drudge Master and the Blood Wiki founders in early 2008 in order to spin around ideas for a Blood III, and should not be confused with Caleb88's actually prototyped attempt. In the end, Drudge Master vanished from the scene and so this idea lies dormant for now...

Welcome to Blood III: The Reckoning, an open, fan based community project dedicated to the creation of a sequel to Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. Involving a mixture of elements from the two games and lots of original expansive ideas. Currently The Reckoning is a design idea and storyline created by User:Drudge Master (head designer), User:Gideon, User:Tchernobog and User:Cerberus with only minor ideas going into actually making a game (although this is a long term plan). To view discussion so far refer to Talk:Blood III: The Reckoning.

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