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The Cabal[edit]



Damian was born two and a half decades ago without anyone besides Gideon's closest advisers knowing. He was shrouded in secrecy, both to protect the child and in order to give him a "special" upbringing. He spent most of his life learning in a high and glorious Cabal academy where he masted the arts of dark magic, firearms, leadership, and the darkest secrets of existence. Now he is determined not to let his father's empire die, no matter what. He employs his razor sharp mind to precise empire building and knows the secrets of every being and how to control them. His anger with the Chosen is on many levels, the hatred of them inspired by his father, his dedication to the Cabal, and his grief over his fathers apparent demise. Despite the youth's high intelligence he does on occasion falter due to inexperience, luckily for him he has the likes of the Necromancer and Kaamos to help him. If no one stops him he is sure to become the supreme master of all things, and blast the Chosen down to their component elements.

The Necromancer[edit]


An elder magician skilled in the dark arts of the occult. The Necromancer's past is completely in the shadows, with only the very few apprentices knowing a few pieces of information. Among the leaders of the Cabal, the Necromancer holds the title as supreme leader of all magical forces within the cult. It is believed that he secretly commanded the army of Zealots that attacked the Chosen throughout their quest. This mystical entity can command various types of magic from different elements. After CabalCo's downfall, the Necromancer quickly called together the remaining Zealots and formed the Mana Force, the most intelligent and deadly mystical army formed, just right below the brute leadership of the Eye of Epiphany. It should be noted that he is the last of the Cabal to be gifted with the powers of the beast, but some say this is only a rumour. Though mysterious, this doesn't hide the fact that the Necromancer isn't one magician that likes to do tricks. Unless you consider a trick is when you excite one's molecules causing them to burst into flames. The Chosen should be wary when this man is encountered.

Commander Kaamos[edit]


A powerful and skilled general with his roots in the well disciplined army of the Soviets. Kaamos was born in the USSR in the 1970's where his lust for power lead him to joining the KGB as young as possible. Whilst there he ascended the ranks and impressed and terrified all his superior officers which he one by one replaced. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1991 Kaamos found and entered the Cabal while the young Gideon begun plotting for power. Kaamos himself played a little known but undeniably vital role in the rise of CabalCo, by both arming it and destroying all upheaval with ruthless proficiency. While CabalCo collapsed around them at the hand of the Chosen, Kaamos was plotting and reorganizing. There he founded ShadowCorps, the paramilitary arm of the Cabal with connections to every mercenary and secret armed force on Earth. If he has one weakness it is his constant paranoia, which can lead him to enforce desperate security measures: those he likes tend to be rewarded, those he dislikes tend to disappear. If the Chosen want to get to Damian and stop his plans, they will have to go through the Commander first. The quest will not be easy.

The Blood Hand[edit]





The Beasts[edit]

Petros and Lithos[edit]




Lord of All Nightmares[edit]