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Dwayne Anderson

Name: Dwayne Gerald Anderson

Website: http://reocities.com/andersondwayne/dwaynegand.html

Born: September 23, 1982

Nationality: Canadian

Location: Saskatchewan

Notable Works: Legends of the Iconoclast

Dwayne Gerald Anderson is a Bloodite known for his Blood custom add-ons, particularity the Legends of the Iconoclast trilogy released between 2001 and 2004. Developing an interest for fiction writing at an early age, he combined his talents to create story based Blood additions.

Originally just going to be a map set in a medieval castle, Dwayne mixed his interest in fantasy and Blood to create the largest ever add-on project in terms of levels. He also wrote up some fan fiction storyline additions for his the series.

He has created other maps as well, many of which can be found at the RTCM website. First to commemorate the add-on's tenth anniversary in 2011, work on a expanded and fixed up version of Legends of the Iconoclast began, releasing "Scourge of Humanity" in 2012 and "Unfinished Business" in 2017.


"The story of when Caleb and Circe first met is chronicled in 'Realms of Circe'. Next in the story line comes 'Tchernobog in Time', the exciting sequel to 'Realms of Circe', then 'The Perils of Daniel', the third and final chapter in the exciting trilogy. These addons can be downloaded separately in there full versions." — Compiled description

The Realm of Circe[edit]

"It's been 10 years since Caleb infilitrated the Hall of the Epiphany and befelled Tchenobog. One night Caleb has a dream where Tchernobog has put a curse on a beautiful damsel named Circe. Caleb vows to free her. Of course along the way through 11 levels, he must battle Tchernobog and his five brothers. It won't be easy, it won't be safe, but it will be fun and exciting." — Official description

  • circem~1: The Hunt Begins
  • circem~2: Unfriendly Skies
  • circem~3: Cathedral of the Dead
  • circem~4: Arachaphobia
  • circem~5: Eternal Fire
  • circem~6: Dante's Peak
  • circem~7: Guardian of Fire
  • circem~8: The Depths of Hell
  • circem~9: Temple of the Four Storms
  • circe~10: Castle of Circe
  • circe~11: Baby, Shall We Dance?

Last edited on June 27, 2002.

Link: RTCM

Tchernobog in Time[edit]

"Caleb has recently returned to his home, after he traveled to the Realm of Circe,defeated Tchernobog again, and freed a beautiful damsel from her prison in a monster's body.But now, Tchernobog is back and has found a way to travel in time in an attempt to destroy Caleb's future. This episode is probably more fun and exciting than my other episode probably because of the level design. Most of the levels in this sequel are based on famous time events such as World War I, The Civil War, The Boston Tea Party, The sinking of the Titanic, and the French Revolution. In the final level, you'll discover the legendary Temple of Time that Tchernobog is using to control time." — Official description

  • intime~1: Alleycat Blues
  • intime~2: Ford's Theatre
  • intime~3: The Palace of Basille
  • intime~4: Boston Tea Party
  • intime~5: Titanic
  • intime~6: Military Archives
  • intime~7: Temple of Time

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Link: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

The Perils of Daniel[edit]

"Daniel, the son of Caleb and Circe is given a chance to prove himself worthy of his father's title when a mysterious damsel pleads for help. What Daniel uncovers during his quest is a force unlike the world has ever seen. A force that unless it is stopped, it could destroy the Earth." — Official description

  • daniel~1: The Beach
  • daniel~2: Diamond Dust Cavern
  • daniel~3: Fortress of the Dead
  • daniel~4: City of the Undead
  • daniel~5: Mountain Passage
  • daniel~6: Temple of The Rising Son
  • daniel~7: Tchernobog's Castle
  • daniel~8: Dark Citadel

Link: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

The Hall of the Epiphany[edit]

A two level long mini-episode meant to chronicle Caleb's battles at The Hall of the Epiphany.

Link: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

Loose Maps[edit]

Note: many of these are drafts from the Legends of the Iconoclast remake project.

There are a number of isolated maps by Anderson on Blood.freeminded.de.

"Ramparts of Fortitude and "Sewage System" are included in the second volume of Blood Chronicles.

The latter is also included in The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De.

He also has some older maps hosted by RTCM:

  • Castle in the Sky - "A huge castle in the sky. One wrong move and you'll fall to your death. You'll fight Tchernobog many times. Quite a tough level."
  • Fortress of the Undead - "Mid sized level that takes place in a hidden fort."
  • Temple of the Eternal Storm - "Caleb stumbles upon a mysterious temple in a world where the sky is as red as blood. Tchernabog and his brothers Chaos, Dante and Satin now inhabit the temple and are planning to destroy the world. Now Caleb must infiltrate the temple, kill the inhabitants, including the four fathers: Satin, Dante, Chaos, and Tchernobog himself, and restore peace to this mysterious place."
  • Ford's Theatre - "The famous theatre where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated."
  • Titanic - "Titanic ship going down. Escape."
  • Dante's Peak - "Contains an active volcano that literally blows its top"

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