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The Outpost Mortem (styled as the Outpost "MORTEM") is a fan add-on for the original Blood by Final22software from Estonia and released on December 25, 2005.


  • Beta version 20-27 of July 2005
  • Delta version 1-26 of April 2005
  • Game version 1st of November - 19th of December, 2005


Episode 1: The Outpost Mortem[edit]

The Outpost Mortem

  • Outpost1: Outpost Mortem
  • Outpost2: Ammo Depot
  • Outpost3: Streams of Death
  • Outpost4: Welcom to Greentown
  • Outpost5: Twilight Descent
  • Outpost6: Sudden Death
  • Outpost7: Waste Disposal Area
  • Outpost8: Inner Chamber
  • Outpost9: Love You To Death

Episode 2: Outer Limits[edit]

Outer Limits

  • Outer1: 2th Outpost
  • Outer2: Sunset
  • Outer3: Entropy
  • Outer4: Impossible Mission
  • Outer5: Cargo Railway
  • Outer6: Vacuum Entrance
  • Outer7: Revolt of All Flesh

Episode 3: Ultimate Capture The Flag[edit]

Ultimate Capture The Flag

  • Uctf1: Twin Fortress
  • Uctf2: Outland
  • Uctf3: Frozen
  • Uctf4: Cursed
  • Uctf5: Twice as Simple
  • Uctf6: Gas Kings

A selection of capture the flag maps, including the original retail map BB6: Twin Fortress by James Wilson III.

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