The Nightmare

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The Nightmare

The Nightmare is the final boss in The Nightmare Levels expansion for Blood II: The Chosen, resembling a giant demon dog that inhabits the wastelands of the Ancient One's dimension.

The Nightmare seems to consume victims by taking them through physical realms that encompass the victim's personal hells. In the case of Caleb, it took him through his memories back to his time in the arctic north (Episode two of Blood), and then through the memories of the other Chosen. In Ophelia's case, he was brought back to her entrance into the Cabal during a undead invasion in her college years. In the case of Ishmael, Caleb was brought back to his time as JoJo. In the case of Gabriella, she relived a stay in a haunted mansion. After Caleb drifts through these memories, he ends up in a Western ghost town (which may or may not be one of his memories, as it is not explicitly stated).

The Nightmare appears to be after Caleb solely, since after Caleb's sequence he is whisked away into the other Chosen's nightmares. It is unknown whether the Chosen are actually being torn away from reality and forced to relive their nightmares, whether Caleb is reliving it through their eyes, or the levels are simply a sort of flashback. Ishmael, Ophelia, and Gabriella don't appear to leave the campsite, and do not exercise any surprise when they return, nor do they acknowledge Caleb's presence in their memories, except within the memory itself.

The Nightmare succeeds in bringing Caleb to his realm through a portal in Westworld, at which point Caleb defeats him, and appears stuck in that land. This is the last point of canon continuity for Blood, and essentially, is where the story ends for the entire series (except for some nonsensical narration by Gideon).


  • Much like the original Blood, in the hardest difficult level the player must face two Nightmares and there's no in-game explanation for the second one; the second Nightmare will just came from a off-screen portion of the battle arena after the cutscene of the first one teleporting to the front of Caleb.
  • It's presumably (but never confirmed) that this being have some kind of connection to The Lord of All Nightmares as both are dog-based entities somewhat related to nightmares. It's even possible that The Nightmare is a Reality Beta counterpart for The Lord of All Nightmares, or a reincarnation wanting revenge. If the last is true, this mean The Lord of All Nightmares may be a immortal God like Tchernobog as The Lord of All Nightmares is called an "entity" on Cryptic Passage's official game manual.