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"The Gaming Ground is a crew of Gamers and Geeks from all over the world that loves video games, technology and entertainment above everything else. So we make videos about everything from indie games, nextgen games, PC games, mobile games, hardware, software, anime, movies to Comic-Cons. We also do interviews, reviews and host our own show (TGG topics)."--The Gaming Ground

The Gaming Ground is a YouTube channel that hosts videos pertaining to video gaming, including remixed music from Blood and Blood II.


The Gaming Ground Remixes:
default.jpg Blood - The Remix Collection The Gaming Ground 1:21:41 May 7, 2013 A complete collection of remixed music from Blood.
default.jpg Blood 2 - The Chosen - The Remix Soundtrack The Gaming Ground 1:19:58 May 13, 2013 A complete collection of remixed music from Blood II: The Chosen.
default.jpg BlastNight - Blood Unofficial Soundtrack The Gaming Ground 34:45 June 19, 2017 An unofficial remixed soundtrack for Blood.