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"Thanks for your interest in 'The carnage continues'. This is probably one of the last ever addons you'll find for 'Blood'. As loyal fans, we did our best in keeping the game alive. This file contains everything you'll want to know about this new addon. The inability to render Mapedit on newer systems besides the lack of time, has seen the release of this addon in its current Beta version (See below). The full fledged addon may never be released in its entirety. Getting this thing out itself was an achievement!" — Harry

The Carnage Continues is a modification for Blood that was developed over several years, with it being finally released on January 4, 2006, although the author commented that it could never be finished entirely as intended. The add-on was created by Harry, with one level jointly developed with Joel "Reactor" Blackwell (co-creator of Gods, the Epic Trilogy from 1998).

The modification was built using Blood 1.20 as its base, which may cause incompatibilities with One Unit: Whole Blood versions, including those from Good Old Games. The storyline was mostly stripped out for the sake of release, but some pieces of it remain, and the story for Episode 2 remained intact. The INI file is called "GORE.INI".

Among the the new features added in this modification are new graphics and animations for the Pitchfork, the Tommy Gun, the Tesla Cannon, the Aerosol Can, and the Life Leech. An updated version was released on January 1, 2007, adding a new starting level, a new final boss level, some new art and cutscene fixes.


Episode 1: How it began[edit]

Episode 1: How it began

  • tc1m0: Cellular Jail
  • tc1m3: Nothing like the Rain
  • tc1m2: Intensive Decay
  • tc1m1: Live Underground

Episode 2: How it turned out[edit]

Episode 2: How it turned out

  • tc2m1: Password
  • tc2m2: Escape from the Cultists
  • tc2m3: Guardians of Secrets

Episode 3: How it Ended?[edit]

Episode 3: How it Ended?

  • tc3m1: The search
  • tc3m2: Evil intentions
  • tc3m3: Yo ho ho
  • tc3m4: Unlikely Scenes
  • tc3m5: The Pyramid
  • tc3m6: The Oc

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