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The Blood Shack was a website that appeared to cover the development of Blood II: The Chosen in 1998, a twin of the related Doom Shack. It first appeared as a subsidiary of Voodoo Extreme on February 2, 1998, where it would post screamshots and other information and was often used as a source by Blues News. May 26, 1998 had The Blood Shack release many images of "the good guys, the bad guys, and their guns". The Blood Shack released textual and video coverage of Blood II at E3, heralding its launch as a standalone website. which has sadly been lost, on June 24th.

The Blood Shack released its preview of Blood II on October 5th (following screamshots and a FAQ update on September 15th). Come October 1998 the website was inundated with new screamshots, more than they could keep up with, leading to as many as ten new ones being released a day. Sadly, only some of these remain archived. The website was also the first to show the game's final box art on November 17, 1998.

It was then largely superseded by competitor Planet Blood, being most notable thereafter as the host of the MAIM and original Blood 2: Resurrection add-on projects. It also hosted a maps archive, but a server move crippled this effort, as well as wish/bug list and FAQ for Blood II. The last news post dates from February 16, 2000, pertaining to mass game banning in Brazil.

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