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Meltdown title screen
Meltdown via Dosbox
"Underground Military Bunker"
"Meltdown 1995 PC" (Hall of First Person Games) - YouTube

Terry F. Hamel was an additional level designer and artist for the original Blood hired in June 1995. He is also cited as an additional artist for the Plasma Pak but not on any later Blood or Monolith Productions product. One of his first public forays into level design was the Doom custom map "Underground Military Bunker", as well as creating the 1995 game Meltdown (also known as simply GCS Demo) made to help demonstrate the 3D Game Creation System by Pie in the Sky Software. In the game the player had to escape from a military compound by bypassing an energy barrier to pick up an elevator key. All his other game credits are artwork for games by MVP Software. He is also given a special mentions in the readme files for zrat.wad (readme) and stairs.wad (readme).



  • 3D Astro Blaster (1999)
  • MVP Bridge Deluxe for Windows (1998)
  • MVP Bridge Lite (1998)
  • Blood (1997)
  • Blood: Plasma Pak (1997)
  • Hearts Deluxe (1997)
  • MVP Euchre Deluxe (1996)
  • MVP Word Search for Windows (1996)
  • Meltdown (1995)

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