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Flesh Gargoyle


Stone Gargoyle

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal
Difficulty Stats:

Flesh Gargoyles
Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 300
Pink on the Inside 390
Lightly Broiled 592
Well Done 696
Extra Crispy 950

Stone Gargoyles
Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 2760
Pink on the Inside 3864
Lightly Broiled 6456
Well Done 6684
Extra Crispy 9696



Blood 1 Cultist


Blood II Cultist

Game Apperances: Blood, Blood II
Affiliation: Cabal, CabalCo
Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 40
Pink on the Inside 60
Lightly Broiled 80
Well Done 100
Extra Crispy 125

Blood II
Not Available

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This template can be used where an enemy has multiple forms in the same game (as in Gargoyles) or for units that exsist in both in Blood and Blood II in different forms (as in Cultists. Included on the right are an example of each.

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