Tamás Tóth

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Tamás Tóth
Screamshot of The Flesh Game

Name: Tamás Tóth

Alternate Name: Squall85

Website: http://fleshgame.blogspot.com/

Born: October 11, 1985

Nationality: Hungarian

Location: Pécel, Hungary

Notable Works: The Flesh Game

Tamás Tóth is the creator of the Blood Flash adventure game, The Flesh Game. After first playing Blood when he was twelve years old, he decided to create a Blood themed game using a "go the right way and you are okay, go the wrong way and you are dead meat" philosophy using Macromedia Flash technology. The result was The Flesh Game, a multi-platform Blood adventure game which was uploaded to NewGround on October 30, 2006. In July of 2008 he began work on a platform shooter under the same name.

He learned Flash on his own while he was very young, inspired by various Flash animations. He found his Flash experience useful, even with his day-to-day studies, and it helped him branch out into harder core programming. He is a devoted fan of old games and a game collector, mostly of his old favourite PlayStation games. He is also a fan of soundtracks.

In July of 2010 he announced that he received his diploma and now is "a professional engineer of computer technology. Or something like that."

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