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Hi, excuse me, I really like Blood 2, but how's the physic systems that make such head (and, surprisingly, traffic cones!) bouncing, ahead of times and particularly advanced, even in the FPS world? It's a nice and neat feature, but sounds quite simple to me, as a model bouncing with a cylinder or cubic collision model, which randomly rotates along two axis as long as it moves, likely with some relation with its speed. It of course bounces in reason of the usual axis tranform based on the geometry orientation of walls, floor, etc. Such physics is present even in Unreal occasionaly when you push a statue making it fall off an edge, or throw a rocket at those strangely indestructable diaries. To qualify as more advanced we would need such heads to roll off slopes and stair or sort of.

These kind of "supplemental physics effects" appeared as soon as we had gibs and barrels which stayed on the floor, however for little time. Marathon 2 supported bouncing grenades, though they would only bounced off the floor and exploded upon touching a wall, but that was a gameplay design. Fast forward to Duke nukem 3d, it featured gibs and barrels, but they just disappeared immediately upon touching ground as well as wall, without any sort of bouncing. Yet pipe bombs already featured more or less the same kind of basic phisics, probably point based with a collisin based off cylinder.

About the seesaw, nothing particular, it seemed just script based to me, that I remember the table just flips all the way to keyframe 1 if you reach the very upper side of it when it's positioned to keyframe 0, when on keyframe 1, reaching the very upper side, the lowered, will trigger it back, with no middle ground in between of any sort. See you soon :). [Anto]-- 16:46, 19 June 2015 (UTC)