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Continued from Talk:Blood III: The Reckoning and Talk:Blood III: The Reckoning/DM-G. Continued on in Talk:Blood III: The Reckoning/DM-G-PT3.

Thoughts on B3 Story[edit]

I like it! This is exactly as I imagined it. Even though it's still a rough draft, it's still pretty good. This would be great as the introduction text at the site where Blood III: The Reckoning will be at (most likely here!). Keep up with the good work, Gideon. The flow of the Chapters could be like this:

Chapter One's levels should be a mix of everything, from urban terrians to cryptic temples. All this will be done while The Chosen and their forces slowly find out infomation about the Cabal, as well as Daimian. The Blood Hand will also be in the midst of taking strongholds for their use and the construction of their forces.

Chapter Two will begin the task of fighting through the many ShadowCorps installations. Commander Kaamos will be introduced in though the early parts and defeat in the final level. Chapter Three is where the Mana Force will be introduced. This chapter will have the most temple-esqe levels in the game. Damian's real introduction is here. All other mentioning of him in the first two chapters were just tidbits of information. Chapter Four begins The Chosen's and The Blood Hands siege against the Eye of Epiphany. These levels will be based attack the main headquarters of the Cabal. Blood Hand members and the final Cabal soldiers will wage war throughout the central commander center. While the two armies are battling, Damian will conduct the final ritual to bring Tchernobog back to life. The Dark God returns to the Hall of the Epiphany, waiting for Caleb to confront him. Caleb will engage Damian in the final level and the Cabal leader's death will open an ancient gateway that leads the realm of Tchernobog: The Epiphany Gate. Chapter Five is the final Chapter will Caleb will confront the now resurrected Tchernobog in all his glory. This chapter will be similar to the Ancient one's reality, but with many influences of Tchernobog. This is his realm and is protected by many creatures from the Ancient One's reality. The final level will be staged in the old and ancient old of Hall of the Epiphany. Tchernobog will be stronger than he was in the first Blood. Tchernobog will be defeated by Caleb again, but instead Caleb will use his newly absorbed energy from Tchernobog to finally make the push the rule the world other one force: The Chosen Ones. I've decided that you and Tchernobog can decide where Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus should be placed in story. Petros and Lithos should be a recurring characther through all the chapters like Choegh. Feel free to submit any more ideas to our story. -- By User:Drudge Master

Weapons and Character Profiles[edit]

For B3 we should redesign the arsenal, everyone I have hear hated that dropping weapons stuff. I would like some classic weapons to make a comeback as well. To allow a large arsenal I believe that the 1 to 0 weapons slots should contain multiple items like the way TNT works in the original Blood. [A] means I want it Akimbo.

  • 0. Knife (I also want the ability to have a secondary Melee weapon: Pitchfork for Caleb, Gauntlet for Gabriella, and a short range magic ring for Ish, I am not sure about Ophelia.
  • 1. Pistol/Flare Pistol [A]
  • 2. Sawed-Off Shotgun/Combat Shotgun (Nightmares) [A] (Of course)
  • 3. Assault Rifle/Tommy Gun/Vulcan Cannon [A]
  • 4. Areasol Can
  • 5. Return the Explosives back to their former glory. These can remain inventory though.
  • 6. Sniper Rifle (Ophelia would never forgive us if we removed it :-P)
  • 7. Voodoo Doll/Life Leach/The Orb (For Ishy)
  • 8. Tesla Cannon/Death Ray
  • 9. Napalm Launcher/Howitzer

I also wrote up a character profile for our Russian friend.

"A powerful and skilled general with his roots in the well disciplined army of the Soviets. Kaamos was born in the USSR in the 1970's where his lust for power lead him to joining the KGB as young as possible. Whilst there he ascended the ranks and impressed and terrified all his superior officers which he one by one replaced. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 Kaamos found and entered the Cabal while the young Gideon begun plotting for power. Kaamos himself played a little known but undeniably vital role in the rise of CabalCo, by both arming it and destroying all upheaval with ruthless proficiency. While CabalCo collapsed around them at the hand of the Chosen, Kaamos was plotting and reorganizing. There he founded ShadowCorps, the paramilitary arm of the Cabal with connections to every mercenary and secret armed force on Earth. If the Chosen want to get to Damian and stop his plans, they will have to go through the Commander first. The quest will not be easy."

And another for son of bed sheet.

"Damian was born two and a half decades ago without anyone besides Gideon's closest advisors knowing. He was shrouded in secrecy, both to protect the child and in order to give him a “special” upbringing. He spent most of his life learning in a high and glorious Cabal academy where he masted the arts of dark magic, firearms, leadership, and the darkest secrets of existence. Now he is determined not to let his father's empire die, no matter what. He employs his razor sharp mind to precise empire building and knows the secrets of every being and how to control them. His anger with the Chosen is on many levels, the hatred of them inspired by his father, his dedication to the Cabal, and his grief over his fathers apparent demise. If no one stops him he is sure to become the supreme master of all things, and blast the Chosen down to their component elements."

I also thought up a new name for the CabalCo Cultists (now in ShadowCorps): Assassins. I also though up a name for the Priest/Beast leader of Mana Force: The Necromancer.

- User: Gideon May 7, 2008

Re: Weapons and Characters Profiles[edit]

The backgrounds for the characters are amazing and these story can be used alone in the final cut. We know that won't happen though. Still great work. If I may, I'd like to add a back story for The Necromancer.

"An elder magician skilled in the dark arts of the occult. The Necromancer's past is completely in the shadows, with only the very few apprentices knowing a few pieces of information. Among the leaders of the Cabal, the Necromancer holds the title as supreme leader of all magical forces within the cult. It is believed that he secretly commanded the army of Zealots that attacked the Chosen throughout their quest. This mystical entity can command various types of magic from different elements. After CabalCo's downfall, the Necromancer quickly called together the remaining Zealots and formed the Mana Force, the most intelligent and deadly mystical army formed, just right below the brute leadership of the Eye of Epiphany. It should be noted that he is the last of the Cabal to be gifted with the powers of the beast, but some say this is only a rumour. Though mysterious, this doesn't hide the fact that the Necromancer isn't a magician that likes to do tricks. Unless you consider a trick is when you excite one's molecules causing them to burst into flames. The Chosen should be wary when this man is encountered."

Just a rough draft, feel free to edit. -- By User:Drudge Master

We are getting somewhere.[edit]

When we do create the web site we are going to have some good writings. I also have an idea that it was the Necromancer that educated Damian in dark magic at the Cabal academy, and that it was Kaamos that taught him conventional weapons and military tactics. This causes Damian to respect these people, unless they get in his way, after all he is the heir of the great Gideon. Sigh, LithTech is going to be the hard part but if Kurt can do B2:Resurrection we can do B3:Reckoning. It is just a matter of time and learning. Any ways who doesn't like a challenge. ;-D - User: Gideon May 7, 2008

Here is somethings for Tchernobog. Could use some expanding but here it is so far.

"During his heyday in the 1880's this being was the most powerful in existence. From the Hall of Epiphany he commanded the tides of the realm with his Chosen beside him. Destroyed out of his own arrogance by Caleb: one of his betrayed servants, for a hundred years his form has been destroyed, with his essence powers absorbed by Caleb. Under Damian's restless intent, it does not seem unlikely that even Tchernobog, the oldest of Caleb's foes will be back to take his revenge upon the Chosen. Will this Tchernobog once again become the One that Binds?" - User: Gideon May 8, 2008

I read through the B2 interlevel texts, funny as hell. Here is one for the Hall.

Chapter Four Last Level: Hall of Epiphany: "Ooh! Deja Vu! Though man what happed to this dump. You think Gideon and his lot would have taken better care of this place, to think you used to work here. Remember the last time, that was fun blowing old goat's breath to the other side of hell! Mu ha ha ha! Who knows maybe that two headed pile of flaming fur is still lying there. And where did Damian head off to anyway!"

And for a ShadowCorps installation I would like to have.

ShadowCorps: Area 666: "Oh! Top secret installation, me likey! Lets see what sort of cool weapons we can find in this place as we blast Kaamos minions onto the nearest wall. Who knows, maybe we will find those aliens everyone's all on about!" - User: Gideon May 10, 2008

.Rez Goodies[edit]

We have been looking through The Chosen's .rez file and found it to be a gold mine! There is lots of dialog that was never used in the game, mostly for Caleb but also for the other Chosen and loads of unused Cabal sounds. We hope to unpack the .rez for the Nightmare Levels, and hell even Shogo and see what can be found to help to effort. It is a LithTech extravaganza! Gideon 02:15, 17 May 2008 (EDT)

Re: .Rez Goodies[edit]

It still amazes me that so many companies release games with such much extra material that was'nt added in the game in the final release. Loads of extra sound files, music, and other things are really hidden with the files. Perhaps these new sounds can be used in The Reckoning? They could be used to create some really interesting dialog for the characters, most of all, Caleb. Good luck on those .rez files! -- By User:Drudge Master


Those sound files are excellent, lots of funny Caleb quips. It should not be that hard to make Caleb sound half-fast original, and if he repeats himself well he did that in B2 a lot from B1 anyway. I went through the Caleb folders and found and labeled all my favourites. The other Chosen do have some unused sounds but not so much, not that they talk much in B2 or really need to that much in B3 anyway. Of course the plot is really going to have to be narrated by our new characters: Kaamos, Necromancer, and Damian respectively as we are going to need fresh voices anyway. Though it is sad that we can not make Ish explain the plot as we would need to hire Micheal Shapiro or find his voice-sake. Gideon also has a lot of unused sounds, though not so much of use as they mostly talk about the plot of Blood II, such as the ancient Cabal artifact used to build the singularity generator and such: the channeling knife. He also talks about what the Cabal hoped to achieve with the rifts. The CabalCo cultists also yak a lot about odd things such as not believing in tipping and describing encounters with bone leaches and Shikari. On the subject of retaining unused files I think Shogo has the funniest, there was originally going to be a level set during the main character's childhood but it was cut due to time constraints. The child model is still in the files though and can be used in on foot mode by using a cheat designed to change one's mech model. This is most amusing in one point where you have to find a data disk and pop it into the computer. The cut scene plays properly but it looks like it should go like this “Okay Kura, I have found the terminal”, “Good, now insert the disk. It should auto run”, “One problem...”, “What Sanjuro?”, “I am to short to reach the keypad”, “* Random swears heard on com-link *”. LOL! Oh and there is a special wiki script that stamps your posts type in the capital form of "````"! Gideon 14:22, 17 May 2008 (EDT)

Gambas OpenGL Engine[edit]

Today we have had some rather interesting developments. We have upgraded to Fedora 9 which has a software development tool: Gambas 2 in it's install repository. We have already used Gambas 1 and a unstable version of 2 but this Fedora one was good as it's examples actually ran (I would expect no less from Fedora). Gambas 2 comes with OpenGL rendering abilities and a nifty little gear example. I have been playing with it. I have turned gears into oddly mishapped donuts and once I somehow got an ugly spool. I also made it so the gear/donut holes can retract and widened and make it so that the holes turn into straws of adjustable length that stick out of the gear/donuts. I think I can make an FPS engine with it over the next few weeks (well except for the time I need for finals), let see what I can do with it. Tchernobog is still going to work with LithTech but I am working on this new project. The problem with the OpenGL engine is that it is going to require a Unix type system like Linux or BSD, but as they are free software (in code and price) and have LiveCD's that would not weigh to hard on me. For example a Windows user could download the Fedora LiveCD pop it into the drive, boot it than run the Blood3.rpm file and then he could run it on his own little non-permanent slice of Unix (this is much easier than it sounds). The advantages of a new engine is that people would not just call it a mod and that it would be shaken up and have it's own feel and not just seem like Blood II (which would also be useful in infusing some Blood I styles). Of course if we do use a new engine, let see those Postmortem guys try to claim to be the “ultimate” Bloodites. ;-} I will say more if I can start really building a world with it instead of beating up gears. Gideon 23:03, 19 May 2008 (EDT)

Updates to Tchernobog's Titles:

Mark (User:DrudgeMaster): Head Designer, artist, writer, and possible voice actor.

Hamish Wilson (User:Tchernobog): LithTech engineer (currently), programmer, mapper, possible voice actor, and Linux guru.

Graham Wilson (User:Gideon): Gambas OpenGL engineer (currently) programmer, mapper, writer, and possible voice actor.

Malcolm Wilson (User:Cheogh): 3D modeler, digital artist, DOS guru, and possible voice actor.

Iain Wilson (User:Cerberus): web developer, and possible voice actor. Gideon 23:46, 19 May 2008 (EDT)

User: Cheogh also made a good suggestion. He wants me to try and morph the gears into cubes. This would give me a good understanding of the drawing of the faces and angles and also, the first architecture is going to be a cube. For movement around this world I will need to think creatively but I am confident that I can force it to do as I wish! Gideon 00:31, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

About the Postmortem and Gambas OpenGL[edit]

I would like to apologize for my absence, as I was spending a few days off the net sketching out some random Blood related material, trying to find some inspiration. Nothing for The Reckoning yet, still can't figure out how should the Cabal emblems should look like. It's great to know that I might have a voice acting role for our program in development, as well as you and Tchernobog. But I think you two should fill the roles as voice actors and I'll focus as the teams' main artist and designer. Now to Gambas. My advice to you is to get to know the system as much as possible. Find out it's limits and what kind of objects it can create. If it has enough power to fit the Blood universe in it, then I say let's do it! If it can't, then we always have the original LithTech engine to fall back on. Now to the Postmortem. They seem to only focus on creating new levels using the engines of both Blood games, the newest one begin RATM. Now I'm not saying it isn't good, as I have never even played it. But I will say that are trying to make it's presence known all over the Blood community. An example begin many users having a link to The Postmortem right under every post they make, trying to make their mod the most popular. In my opinion, a real Bloodite wouldn't focus too much on popularity and just aim to making an enjoyable game. I even read that one user thought they could sell the game. Prior to this, a lot of these so called "Bloodites" have given up on Kazashi and the Transfusion Project, seeing as they don't really care about anyone else but themselves. One user, Krypto, stated that the napalm burst were shaded a different hue or something to that matter, making it inferior to the real Blood. Also saying that a Blood mod using a different engine has to be EXACTLY like the real thing, or nothing at all. It is clear to me that Krypto doesn't have an open mind in this subject. Regardless, we must focus on uniting the real Bloodites with The Reckoning, in hopes to stop the madness and just get along. -- By User:Drudge Master

P.S. -- The above text is not a crusade against the real Bloodites and the fakes, it's just what I think of the community today.

Talking some more[edit]

On the Postmortem, to quote Holmes "I play the game for the game's sake. Recognition means nothing to me". ;-D If I can build cubes and stuff and really begin to project a 3D world than we are in business. Tchernobog of course will still be working on LithTech. Frankly Blood is not nearly as holy as people make it out to be, it's soundtrack mostly sucks, episodes two through four are mostly terrible, and Caleb does not talk enough. Blood is good but it is not a god, and can be made better. The Postmortemnites need to realize that when we build fan media we aim at advancing Blood, to make a homage and if possible make something better. On voice acting, we have had a little experience with it. I and Cheogh have experience morphing voices, mostly with Audacity. We also have worked on a lot of amateur voice acting. Gideon 14:36, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

Additional: I saw a Postmortem thread with Daedalus in it, his sig and avatar sure do have a lot of blond gun bimbos don't they. He must have some real respect for women. LOL!

Hey, I just read through parts of "Masters of Doom" and am feeling inspired (first parts of that book about the development of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom usually have that effect on me and Tchernobog). I dug up code for a Game Maker FPS engine I used to play with and have noted similarities with it and the OpenGL rendering of the gears example. Though sadly I have not touched the Game Maker engine in over a year (due to me permanently migrating into the holy arms of Fedora Linux) so I do not understand it as well as I once did, which makes it harder to translate to Gambas and OpenGL. All well I do like reverse engineering stuff (as Free Empires demonstrates). The plot thickens on the weird one's crusade against ZBlood, they have been deleting the ZBlood section from the Wikipedia article. I had to rewrite it one time, then they deleted it again and again as I kept re-adding it. Rather childish really on their part. I confronted the guy on Transfusion forums, the result? When he edits the External Links he removes the Blood Wiki link, the guy really needs something better to do. Read the Blood Wiki Tranfusion thread for more details. We noticed an interesting contrast, with RATM Daedalus included himself as a "heroic character". This is something me and Tchernobog would never do, instead if we where to make a self reference it would be in a way that allows you to gib and blast us: you know! A cool way! I just guess we have got a different sense of self then he does? :-P On voices: I guess that we would probably be better suited for the task as we are about five months older than you, though neither of us have adult voices. Cerberus can do accents but I do not think he would be the best for Kaamos (the one that needs an accent), what he is really good at is a humorous Hindu accent. Cheogh may be more useful for Cabal minion voices, though we need someone to voice the main characters. It is funny how you talk about Blood being hurt by a lack of new content, this does not seem that big to me as I have only really played Blood for about a year. Having only just played the Nightmare Levels late last month, and a damn fine expansion it was if only it was longer (Loved blasting robed cultists and clowns as well as the plain creativity shown in the levels!). I am getting a little boared, the Blood Wiki is pretty mature. I am considering adding a sub-section for Shogo (Like the Strife and Heretic/Hexen sub-sections on the Doom Wiki) to give me some more writing to do. I am greatly looking forward to a summer of writing, building, coding, and generically turning as eccentric as possible. Fueled by Iced Tea, Noodle Soup, and Sun Flower Seeds (on a more healthy note I do eat carrots and apples regularly and it is not uncommon for me to drink milk) and staying up like a Zombie at all hours of the night. Only ever communicating with fellow project members. Wait, that is my life normally just now I won't have to deal with the bullshit and buerocracies of the Edmonton Public School Board and Alberta Education at large! YEA! Mark Anthony Schaller is your name is it, of interesting origin. What is its history? Ours are of course Gaelic in origin (funny considering we are also descended from Ukrainian farmers). As with Tchernobog I will post my full name as well: Graham Lawrence Wilson. My middle name is from Lawrence Warman my uncle, though it actually would be more appropriate for User:Cheogh as he is more like him than I am. I am good at concepts, coding, and writing. Cheogh is better at building things like radios (he plays with short range transmitters) and computer hardware (as is my Uncle who is an electrician) as well as multimedia and music (Cheogh plays the piano and more recently the accordion). Cheogh also hacks on a dead Micra car which eclectic systems are kept running by a transplanted Oldes Mobile battery (according to the manuals Cheogh should have blown himself up by now LOL!), this car is also our external base of operations and our sinister secret meeting room (with a digital presence supplied by an old beat up 9X era laptop). Me, Tchernobog, and Cheogh also have night long meetings in there even during the cold days of winter, getting harder now that we are too tall to fit in it. Our father the Kiwi (New Zealander if you are not familiar with the local term) was worried about us freezing to death. Our mother the born Alberta rancher's daughter was not at all worried, she did the same thing when she was our age. We came up with a little joke about our various talents: if we built a robot Cheogh would build it, I would code the AI (being the software engine guy), Cerberus would network it and sodder it and stuff, and Tchernobog would fix X when Cheogh installs the second head (the punch line is from a time Cheogh installed a second monitor and blew up X, the Unix GUI renderer and Tchernobog had to fix it. He is in general our sysadmin especially for Unix systems). It is late in the night, or more accurately early in the morning and I am in state of total digital immersion and thus I rant. Sorry to make you read all this. Gideon 05:27, 24 May 2008 (EDT)

To make a snakry comment if I may: the Postmortem site wise has been around for how many years? Yet, the Blood Wiki a site that has only been around for four and a half months has MUCH more data. Also noting that almost everything on this site is original, except for the text from Wikipedia (Mostly for Blood 1 and the template used for the Blood II: The Chosen article which has been greatly expanded then also later copied into Wikipedia by me). Whereas the Postmortem has stuff directly copied from Planet Blood for some of its best articles (Notably Komkat's Time Line). MU HA HA HA HA HA! It seems to me that any Blood site that does not make an active attempt to out-line fan works is an archaic site that has no real point in existence. Just documenting Blood and to a lesser extent Blood II has been done before, it is extremely unlikely for there to be an offical Blood III so if you want to show that WE the BLOODITES still CARE then you have to show our work. Show Fan Art, Fiction, MODs, or anything else. That is the current soul of Blood, and long live it. I have encountered some fan art and fiction that I am not keen on however none of them have ever made me feel sick to the stomach, some MODs have that effect on me. There was this one Blood II: The Chosen mod where they turn Gabriella into a cyborg, Ishmael into a miserable miscreant zombie, and make Ophelia dead altogether. YEACH! I still do not see why people hate the other Chosen, Ish is cool! Gabriella and Ophelia may seem a little wooden in The Chosen but by The Nightmare Levels they had gotten their roles down to pat (though for the Reckoning I would like to make Ophelia look more like a living version of her nailed at the altar of stone, I do not like her B2 "biker" look). What's peoples problem with them? By the way, unless you respond I am just going to keep adding text blocks. ;-D I have also been trying to do some sketching, although I am a MUCH better writer and coder than a visual artist. I can do an okay Caleb and a decent enough Axe Zombie but from there I can not do anything really good. I can not draw Cultists robes right, and I defiantly can not draw Ophelia, Gabriella, or female CabalCo cultists (or Assassins as I want them to be called in B3). I just can not draw feminine forms, makes me wonder how Rust could draw Ophelia and Gabriella so well, even if many a time they where in their underwear (though that served as part of the main plot joke) or just naked entirely. I also can not draw beast forms: spiders, gargoyles, etc. But then that is why I am going to be a coder and a writer for The Reckoning. Gideon 21:19, 29 May 2008 (EDT)

New Browser[edit]

I apologize for my absence on replying back to you. I was having a lot of trouble with that invidel, Internet Explorer. Since then, I've have converted to the great Mozilla Firefox and I'am enjoying it very much! On to my names origin. My first name was chosen after my fathers middle name, Mark, thus became my first name. Anothey was selected by both my parents, mainly because they thought it sounded it nice. I hardly use my middle name when conversing with my allies at school. Schaller, of course, was my father's last name. Now on to your battle on the Transfusion Foums. I still can't believe he called you a newfag. If you don't know, that's inter slang for a newbie. The opposite is oldfag. A person who has great morals are called moralfags. In the internet, fag isn't an insult anymore. Well at least to some extent. Good job on defending the people's site, and by the people's site I mean the true Bloodites. Good thing that little internet confrontion was handled quickly before it could esclade into higher more dangerous flaming. On to the Chosen, I've always wonder why they were hated so much. It could it be that the story is giving some attention to the three? It could be this and the people liked it better when the lone wolf known as Caleb had his own game. Blood II is his own game too, just with a little allies to help him. I liked the Chosen's personalties, why can't the others? I'm still sketching randomly by the way. You think you are the only one who can't draw femine figures? I can't either. I've tried in the past, but to no avail. I won't even try to draw Ophelia. I can draw cultist though. Many ideas have flowed in my head. Mainly the future of the Blood universe. I don't want little different opinions of certain aspects of the games to cause an all out fanwar. Many games are victim to this, the greatest one begin Sonic the Hedgehog. His fans have been divided and are still flaming each other all over the internet, mostly YouTube. And it was all over a voice actor. Due to this, most of his fans have given up on the blue animal. It's a real shame too, even though I've never was very into Sega's games. I don't want that to happen to Blood. Let's just hope that the Reckoning can unite the few remaining Bloodites, instead of tearing them apart. Regards and best wishes. -- By User:Drudge Master


Ah, another convert! Welcome to Firefox. Just to make sure you are aware, the Mozilla Project is going to release Firefox 3 in June. We have a beta version running on our Fedora 9 computer, it is not all that different but not at all bad. They say they are redesigning the download manager, which was always Firefox's main problem. In the beta we have it does not appear to be complete though. Apparently they are out for a world record for the highest number of downloads on a software release day. The worse thing that ever happens on a Firefox version is an occasional memory leak error, that means that as you run it the browser will take up more and more memory slowing the computer down. Sometimes you have to restart the system to restart the memory management. However this is always fixed in the next upgrade, which comes quickly as Firefox's free software source model allows. The memory management thing has also never really effected me, I don't do much high level browsing. Partly due to the despicable Internet that is available here in rural Alberta. I mostly view Wikis, forums, or other predominantly text based sites. The memory leak error could cause problems with higher end stuff, especially plug-ins but don't worry the memory leak errors do not happen very often and less all the time. Of course counting in how much faster and more secure it is compared to Internet Explorer, as said by hundreds of third party tests. But anyway this is not important. I had figured NewFag was a slang of some sort for Newbie, now it is true that I am new on the Transfusion forums, but I have been in Blood long enough to cement my claim as a decently hardened Bloodite. Fag actually isn't really an insult for most meanings, of course most notably in the UK it is used as a word for cigarettes. Then there is the traditional meaning, that of firewood. There are a number of theories on how this got associated with the modern term, none all that pleasant. Though it takes quite a bit to offend me, especially over the Internet. As we said in the new Blood Wiki thread, it was good thing they closed the old thread. We do not want an all out brawl, and besides it had gotten WAY off topic. When it comes to female drawing the hardest thing for me is the face, I look at good drawings of female faces and wonder what it is they are doing differently. Hmm... As well as course I can not draw the form very well either, though I have gotten better over the past year. I feel that one of the short comings of Blood II is that the Chosen do not appear or talk to Caleb nearly enough, it gets kinda boring in near total silence other then the taunts of Caleb and the screams of his victims. The Chosen do have personalties that fit them well. Ishmael being the smart magician with a rather playful sense of humour (Mostly shown in the Nightmare Levels, “I wonder if I'll ever miss the smell of my own dung mingled with hay?”). Gabriella the strong, aggressive, block of stone. Ophelia being the stealthy, direct, and malicious. And of course brutal, vicious and all out brawler Caleb. I can not believe any one would get fanatically at war over Sonic the Hedgehog. I mean all he is an arcade type character. Getting overly fanatical about any fiction is not that great but Sonic? Come on. Though I can see your point. That is why I want healthy dose of Blood and Blood II throughout, though of course with various chapters focusing on staying to one of the games. Besides I am of the opinion that if you do not like a fan work, go ahead and make your own. I would even play it. ;-D On another note, User:Choegh built the ultimate Blood sound system environment with the perfect system to run it on. The sounds, especially Caleb sound so great and earthy, with the gun fire and explosions coming out of the sub woofer. When we need to extract stuff from the original Blood he'll be the guy for the job. Oh and I did something rather neat for Damian today, I took the Blood II: The Chosen's Gideon sketch and changed it. I made something that looks like a younger Gideon with a few original touches. I'll try and upload it, see if it will give you any inspiration for Damian. In other news, Tchernobog has been in a fury of Blood playing, he learned how to beat Cheogh and Shial easily. Cheogh all you need to do is crouch, then he can not attack you. Then simply use the Build look-up function and blast away with one's sawed-off shotgun. For Shial his solution requires the Plasma Pak, stay just outside of her den and fire the alternate version of the Napalm Launcher in PP and watch it revolve around the circular cavern and burn! MU HA HA HA HA! Step out of the cavern after firing though, or be burnt to a crisp. He is now working through episode three. By the way the guy is still attacking the ZBlood section. My response is always the same: revert! I am trying to find a Wikipedia administrator to have the IP address blocked once and for all! Also, you call your associates at school "Allies". I like it! ;-D Has a certain sinister undertone to it. I have never met a class mate that I have been able to connect with. Actually it is a rather sad case, we came into Argyle home schooling to have more control and in general to have a more intellectual education (Tomahawk School where we once attended was a nightmare of problems). Everyone else though is a drop out of normal schooling, some even expelled who go here because others won't take them. The sad thing is that the school staff pander those trouble making imbeciles rather than to those who achieve higher marks and actually put the effort into the course work. Meh! The girls at Argyle tend to be more controlled, intellectual, more understanding, and just easier to get on with than the guys (though we have come across a few real daft bitches), the best of which I believe that if I was willing to work with them for long enough they could become useful "allies". Though I am not willing to put that much work into it (unless lets say that I really needed a voice actress for a project, though of course I would first go to User:Cerberus who has a number of female friends. In fact he just got a new girlfriend). Most of the work experiences I need for my projects comes from me and my brother's various talents, and if I need outside abilities it is easier to find people of that ilk on Hacker/Linux forums as well as various related community forums (which has the side effect on making most of my associates people who are older than me, most do not know that they are talking to a 14 year old). This little discussion for B3 has become an epic saga hasn't it. Lets just hope we can make a game as epic as this. This one was an unintentionally long text block, it just turned out this way once I had put down all that I had to say in my typical writing style. Gideon 23:43, 31 May 2008 (EDT)

Update: Tchernobog just kicked Cerberus's canine ass. He just rapid fired his Tesla Cannon and all the hapless pooch could do was chase it's tail in circles. I think I have figured out why your text are much smaller than mine. You tend to make your text more lean and general, which answers things more efficiently. I answer every point in great detail, which in some cases is harder to read. Gideon 21:50, 2 June 2008 (EDT)

Update: Tchernobog just destroyed Tchernobog (No, he did not commit suicide :-P). The attack was actually quite simple. User:Tchernobog placed two Plasma Pak alternative Life Leaches by the dark god's throne and waited out back. It was funny hearing Tchernobog bellow as the Life Leach turrets did their thing. User:Tchernobog did not have to fire a single shot, and Tchernobog did not fire a single shot back. He kind of sucks as a final boss, even with out the Plasma Pak. Gideon 00:09, 3 June 2008 (EDT)

Tech Update: I ventured another round with the Gambas OpenGL gears example again. I made some reverse engineering ground, mainly trying to find what code sections draws what face and what controls the width, length, and depth. My original intentions was to build a "world" and then build objects onto it, this is what I still intend to do based on the old Game Maker fake-3D world code I have stashed. Currently I am now learning more in the direction of seeing about building objects. The end result intended to be to make a graphical Gambas OpenGL modeling tool for our aspiring 3D artist User:Cheogh. After that I could build the stage in which my actors and props could inhabit, and pull out their pitch forks and sawed-off shotguns and bash each other to bloody pulps! MU HA HA HA HA! This is for the best for the immediate future as it dwells more into the sort of programming I have been doing over the past year (over a year now since I created the basis for my QT Coordinates Engine) as it dwells more into good old numeric strings and manipulation. As does the world, only much more complicated and something I have not messed with for a while. I must say building an engine this way sort of feels right (though of course LithTech on the rear burner by User:Tchernobog), just think of the bravado Monolith went through building LithTech for Blood II/Shogo despite it being initially market-place failure, it was still damn cool and defiantly dissevered much more press than it got. They talked about Half-Life for gods sake, so what if it was over marketed and hyped all it was was a Quake/Doom ripoff with an engine that WAS based on Qauke! Sigh... Since Blood II was built with a new in-house 3D engine by Monolith than it is not wrong for Blood III to be built with a new in-house team B3 3D engine. I have one other final score to settle in the coding arena, a little bugger that has been fighting me since this time last year: global variables! Gambas you see does not have this component as such the way most languages do: having the variables of different forms/modules or whatever inter-modifiable. In Gambas they want you to have one module where you define the variables and all the other mediums can connect to this master source for all text and numeric strings. I feel confident enough to have finally noosed this bug by Sunday, which will allow us to finish a neat little Arcade style action game. Of course the best thing about FOSS/Community game creation is that if the main-stream don't like it then they can suck it down, unless you piss off someone's lawyers :-O! It is amazing what motivates one, for me the book Masters of Doom has been invaluable in getting me to throw of the cynicism I grow from the fraudulent excuse for learning put onto me by the academic institutions and gets me to sit down and create. It has been pushing me to complete and expand my older ideas and grow on news ones, despite the lack of a serious year-end rush this time around the school has left me drained. It feels right now like in a state of temporal limbo floating through the realm between School and Summer not really feeling like I am going anywhere. In reality I am up to my finals in Social, Science, and Math and up to my final report in Spanish though tell that to my subconscious. But I digress, I will report soon if I make any good 3D progress. Actually this thread is beginning to equate to something like John Carmacks's .plan files for me as I have no other median to spit out this stuff. Again apologies for the large text stream ;-). Gideon 03:43, 6 June 2008 (EDT)

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