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Between User:Drudge Master and User:Gideon[edit]

Greetings Drudge Master[edit]

Good luck on your Blood III. I myself have been pondering along a similar line and it would be interesting to see how my ideas align with yours (my idea revolving around the strange disappearance of the Gargoyles, Spiders, and Hell Hounds between the Blood games). I have one question, in your story have you pondered up and explanation on "Gabriel er... Gabriella"? It would be interesting to hear an idea on this!

- User:Gideon April 29th, 2008

Good to be here![edit]

Now to what you said about Blood III. I do too, feel the same way the spiders, gargoyles, and hellhounds. I believe that these monsters fled when their masters were killed.

This is my answer. Yes, Blood III: The Reckoning will feature these enemies, but in outstanding graphics. I think I should mention that Cheogh, Shial, and Cerberus will come back in the sequel to Blood II: The Chosen. An explanation will also be present for the monsters that didn't appear in the sequel. Since the bosses will be back, I will let Caleb fight with them all at least once, while fighting Cheogh numerous times. This was decided on the fact the Cheogh and Caleb have always hated each other before and after the death of Ophelia. Keep in mind, Gideon, that this is all still in the works, leaving open space for your and other users ideas. I would really like your feedback on this, as well as the other users. You have my regards.

By the way, I feel that Gabriel became what she is today due to a dysfunction in her resurrection. When she was to be brought back as Gabriel, instead, became Gabrielle. The rift in the realities could be at fault for the gender switch. What do you think? Feel free to anwser here or at my article.

-- By User:Drudge Master

Re: Good to be here![edit]

On the subject of Blood III, I have always thought the best way to keep everyone happy is to make it so that after Gideon's destruction the Cabal split into sub groups waging civil war amongst themselves. The two notables being the Mystics: peoples who seek power through the traditional means of dark magic (Blood I Styled) and the Corporates: the remains of the CabalCo empire (Blood II Styled), that way the Blood I only fans would be happy and the Blood II only fans would be happy. Also if Cheogh is to return I would like to see a cut scene where he has pinned Caleb down and is about to kill him, however he is forced to retreat due to a hidden Ophelia with a sniper rifle. All for the sake irony. LOL! My original idea for the gargoyles was that at the time after Blood II there where two stone gargoyle kings: Petros and Lithos (Stone in Latin and Ancient Greek) who witnessed the fall of Cheogh and where now leading the beasts against the Cabal and the Chosen, but either way works. Also you seem to know more about the resurrection of the Chosen than I do, how did it happen exactly? I figured it had something to do with the singularities but then what about this from The Chosen's website? If you need any creative consulting I would be more than happy to help. Good luck!

User:Tchernobog would also like it if The Reckoning is compatible with his fan fic How Much Time Has Passed, that is don't contradict it. :-P

- User:Gideon April 30, 2008

Re: Good to be Here[edit]

By first glance, you seem like the person thats wants to revive the fans of Blood and Blood II at the same time with Blood III. Uniting them under one game, as the Bloodites they are! I wanted to do the same thing. Except a little different from your idea.

The Cabal end up a demoralized people once again, losing CabalCo and the cult members are now left on their own. A new leader has arisen, calling himself the new Word of the Cabal. A name is still being decided, but I'd wanted him to be the son of Gideon and heir to the throne. He believes that the Cabal must go back to what it was, wearing their robed uniform and conducting dark magic once again. In Blood III: The Reckoning, the robed cultist will be back to hunt down Caleb once more. But the leader's main intent is not to kill Caleb, it's to resurrect the Dark God, Tchernobog. If Caleb happens to get in the way, the Cabal will be more than happy to return the favor.

Caleb, on the other hand, doesn't even know of this, due the Cabal moving in secret and away from the public. He figures that they are done for. It should be noted that if User:Tchernobog wants the Chosen to get back to their reality through How Much Time Has Passed, I will be happy too add that into the storyline. One of the main things I want Blood III: The Reckoning to be is a game made from the fanbase, with their own ideas and stories. The Chosen have been recuiting some servants of their own, gifted with experience in firearms and dark magic. I've have called the group the Blood Hand, meaning the many lifes the group has taken at their own hands. But I'll be willing to take a different name.

Anyway, the new cult leader wants to bring Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus back life, thinking that why should Caleb be the only one with allies. With each of the bosses making cut scene appearances through the course of the game, with each of the other three Chosen's murders having a more larger part. Caleb fights everyone, with Cheogh hunting Caleb down with the rest of his gargoyle army. Petros and Lithos would be Cheogh's second in command, having Caleb fighting and killing each one of them. Both one-on-one, and two-on-one, with the two leaders batting Caleb near the end before the final fight with Cheogh. In the end, Caleb will battle a resurrected Tchernobog in the final battle to inherit the Earth. All the stuff in the middle will be created later on. One last note, I never saw the scene where Caleb brings The Chosen back to life. I always figured Caleb kept trying to bring them back, but failed numerous times. But due to the rift in the fabric of time, he got lucky. I'am not sure, though. Well, that's whats happening with Blood III: The Reckoning as of now. As always, I'll be happy to get insight from other people. Thank you!

-- By User:Drudge Master


Good, I like it. The idea of Gideon's son was thought up before with the name "Daimian" (On the Planet Blood Mail Bag). It is quite common for fan things to involve a lot of bringing back old characters, but as this idea seems to be to create the “Ultimate Blood” why not! I look forward to working on this project. I would also like to see more magical weapons as there are actually very little in the Blood games. Though we would need a good explanation on how the public deals with the disappearance of CabalCo, after all it was an economic empire. I think that the best way to represent this is that the rest of the world is in economic and physical chaos, with the cities in wrecks and so on (not to mention the still huge amount of damage caused by the Ancient One).

Okay for the gargoyles, Petros and Lithos are the heads during the gargoylian exile until Gideon's son calls them out of their dark hiding place. There they and their gargoyle subordinates perform a dark ritual to raise Cheogh. Whose hatred of Caleb is ten fold now that he was the one that killed him. Petros, the eldest brother becomes the head of the Legion of Stone the elite sect of stone gargoyle. Lithos becomes the head commander of the large flesh gargoyle army.

The spiders have dwindled in their arctic hideouts over the last hundred years. Their numbers have lessened considerably over the past hundred years due to a lack of mother spiders. Again till Gideon's son calls them and resurrects Shial who sets out to rebreed her race. And so forth.

I am pondering up a scenario for the beastly exile revolving around the end plot of the Plasma Pak.

As to our ideas as a game, what are you planning exactly? An IoQuake mod? Anyway I would like to know because I would defiantly go for it to be Linux compatible and preferably a Free Software engine. Also do you have any experience with FPS modding and creation (All we have as of now is experience with a simple Game Maker FPS engine and primitive Doom modding, though I am planning to build an FPS engine with OpenGL with Gambas someday)?

- User:Gideon May 1, 2008


I like the way you think, Gideon! I have also been in the mail bag of Planet Blood for quite some time now. I like what you did with Petros and Lithos, too. But I really don't have any expertise in game modding and programing. I am mostly familiar with hardware extraction from computers and installations of drivers. I apologize for that. But, I think we can make this happen with the Blood II: The Chosen source code that is all ready open to the public. We can get of ahold of that and start building The Reckoning form the ground up, just like CabalCo. Just look at Kurt, he has done a lot all by himself. Trying to make a mod that's a worthy sequel to Blood. Now that's a true Bloodite. When we do start, I believe we can just make heavy graphic enhances to the game, re texturing completely everything. Making new 3D models for their characters. I think Blood II: The Chosen is free software, I got a free copy download from Home of The Underdogs.

For Cerberus, Daimian can returned to the castle with the Lord of All Nightmares and conduct a ritual. By gathering canines and throwing them into a circle of fire. Two very strong dogs, keep that in mind. The two canines will die by the flames, their ashes will fall two the ground, opening the gate for Cerberus to returned. Fully arisen, Cerberus may be able to summon his Hell Hound allies to aid him in battle. He does this by howling and opening fiery portals around, allowing Hell Hounds to come to our world. Most likely from Hell.

In the end, I don't really know how we should go about this. Right now, I think Blood II's LithTech engine might be best, we just have to enhance it greatly. Well, it's your move Gideon! -- By Drudge Master

More on the Reckoning[edit]

A Blood II mod would work. LithTech 1 (eg: that of Blood II) does have lots of source code released for modding purpose, not all mind you. However the Reckoning would fall under what is compatible with the legalities. The problem is that it is hard to run on Linux, though we have had certain successes WINEing and we are working hard at getting it working better (it is a shame Hyperion did not also port Blood II as well as Shogo). However I am a fan of LithTech, it is a cool engine with nice config files and graphics. I have never been that much interested in Blood II: Resurrection, mostly because it seems to be made out of spite against Blood II and I think anything made out of that is not worth my time (just an opinion LOL!). One comment, you want the "Lord of all Nightmares" to be involved in bringing back old Cerbi right? You do have to kill him at the end of Cryptic Passage so how can he (or rather the two of them) be alive? I also have another question, where do you live? You always post at one o'clock in the morning (Central Albertan Canada Time), good thing we are in the habit of staying up late. I see you have accepted that name for Gideon's son I dug up. I also know that the Blood II business suite cultist was unpopular but if we ditch it entirely some Blood II fans may get upset. Maybe and interesting plot could come along this line, since the CabalCo cultists where brainwashed maybe if CabalCo is lost they are amuck master-less causing havoc or something. - User:Gideon May 2, 2008

Re: More on the Reckoning[edit]

Sorry about that, got some words mixed up. I meant that Daimian should go to the castle and bring one of the two Cerebi back from the dead. It was simply a miss-match of words in my mind. Don't worry, Gideon, the only reason I have been checking up on Kurt is that I am waiting for some new Blood material to play. I also believe that the people that love both Blood and Blood II: The Chosen will be the ones to make a third Blood come to life. All the fighting at the Postmortem and Transfusion Forums aren't helping out ol' Caleb and his series. I have also come up with a remedy for this Blood II problem. While Daimian and his legion of cultists focus on the rising of Tchernobog and the other three bosses (Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus ), a sub-faction of Cabal soldiers would use the CabalCo wear in their battles. This sub-faction would be called the ShadowCorps, mostly running secret labs and the few remaining CabalCo assets. This way, The Chosen can do battle with the cultists and corporate soldiers of ShadowCorps. Areas where ShadowCorps members are located are in research labs, office buildings, and weapons factories. I have also been think of another faction for the Cabal, one the focus purely on their magical skills. Perhaps they should be called the Mystic Hand? Feel free to think of a new name for it, as it is just a prototype. The Mystic Hand are composed of magical Cabal warriors like the Zealot from Blood II: The Chosen. They also have the skills to control most of the Ancient One's creatures. Like if Caleb is fight a Mystic Hand member, and a Shikari runs into the area, the Mystic Hand will raise it's hand up, showing it's crests embedded in the mystic's hand. The Shikari will turn away from it's attack to the mystic and attack Caleb in battle. Only when the mystic is killed is when the Shikari will be freed from his/her control. Finally, the main sub-faction would be the most in touch with Tchernobog, the Eye of Epiphany. These warriors are the same class where Daimien, Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus are located in. With Choegh commanding his own personal army of gargoyles with Petros and Lithos. These warriors are the ones wearing the cultist gear, believing that in order to reach great strength, one must be in sync with their roots. As for my back ground, I live in Philadelphia. My school is pretty good for an urban residence. I stay up late most of time because my reverse sleeping cycle. I sleep in the day and stay up in the night. I am a night owl, through and through. I still get my school work done, along with my Blood work. School comes easy to me, as well as the tests. Let me know if the ideas need tweaking. -- By User:Drudge Master

Continuing On...[edit]

Okay that makes sense. I like the idea of the ShadowCorps, it does sound like the best way to keep everyone happy. As to the Ancient One creatures, are these to be lingering parts of the invasion? Remember Caleb binded the realties at the end of Blood II. On Petros and Lithos, I have always wanted them to be very respected among the beasts, being the ones that had lead them throughout the exile. I am trying to think up another name for the Mystic Hand, after all we can not have to many grabby hands about can we? LOL! Though I like the idea of calling the Chosen's army the Blood Hand, after all wasn't one of the Blood logo's a Bloodied Hand Print? If we use LithTech for this we can take objects from all the Blood II's and Shogo, meaning that we can take the Nightmare Levels Cultist among other things. I myself am quite an accomplished student, gradding in honours for as long as I can remember (Once I only got a 45% on a test! I was mortified! :-P). I am approaching my final push to wrap up another school year and then comes a summer of working on Blood and Free Empires. How do you like this talk page? I am going to install the Blood II editing tools on my only usable remaining Windows computer and poke around with it, see what me and Tchernobog can learn. - User: Gideon May 2, 2008

Edit: Our Windows computer was being slow so we tried WINEing it on our Fedora Linux 7 computer without any problems, yet. We are now trying to learn how to use the editor. The first level we are going to attempt to make is "ShadowCorps Barracks". A simple area filled with CabalCo cultists. We will post if we make any progress. - Edited on: May 3, 2008

Good Job![edit]

I am glad that you have accepted these ideas with a friendly attitude. The Ancient One's creatures will be appearing throughout the game as a dwindling species through the first levels. At the middle of the game, without knowing, Daimian will open up The Rift through the process of resurrecting Choegh. This will allow the creatures entry back into our world. Don't worry, Petros and Lithos still have their own armies, the brothers are also apart of the Eye of Epiphany. I think I have come up with a good name for the Mystic Hand. How about the Mana Force? Think it over a bit and get back to me anytime.

The Blood Hand will also aid The Chosen through various levels. How they dress is up to you and Tchernobog. But I would like it if these soldiers follow the player around, firing at anything that is hostile or threating the player. Their weapons range from hand guns and flare guns to shotguns and assault rifles. Higher ranked Bloodite would use weapons like Tesla cannons and napalm launchers. Oh yeah, I was thinking of calling a Blood Hand member a Bloodite, as a hint toward the Blood fan base.

I would like to send by best wishes on your ShadowCorps Barracks level. I'am sure it would be a fine level! The ShadowCorps has a leader, as well as the Mana Force. ShadowCorps has Commander Kaamos, a commander from the USSR that was hirde by the Cabal. Kaamos meaning 'polar night' in Finnish. A unnamed Preist/Beast for Mana Force. I was think along the line of that there were no more Beasts because no other Cultist in history had gained enough expertise in dark arts since the four Priests from Plasma Pak. The Priest would battle just like the original.

Enemies for each faction would be unique. Eye of Epiphany having Cultists with different colours for rank. (Acolyte, Cultist, and Fanatic ). The Blood II Fanatics for ShadowCorps, just change up the name for these troops. Zealots has the main workforce of the magical division, so all forms of Zealots are available, including a new Zealot I think LithTech can create! The Ice Zealot, a Zealot that is gifted in the art of creating frozen energy that can be hurled at Caleb. All his attacks have a icy in appearance. I also think LithTech can make a Spas12 and Thompson .45 SMG out of scratch. SPAS12 for when the Sawed-off can reach certain ranges, and the Thompson for a powerful spray of bullets. An aerosol can may be made as well, with primary fire and secondary the same as Blood. One last thought, because the Life Leech and The Orb were so rare, they should be dropped by Zealots on occasion. This will has cut the hassle in half for the player looking for a Life Leach when their healths is down or when The Orb is something that would be useful at a certain time. By the way, I must thank you and Tchernobog for creating a page for Blood III: The Reckoning. Let's hope that our efforts would lead to more Bloodites getting involved and a creation of an article for this. It's a real shame that everyone is bickering about Blood begin better than Blood II and vice versea. It's mainly happening at The Postmortem. They think they are helping the series by talking down Blood II and saying that no sequel is better than the first Blood. Having a condescending moderator that insults anyone that gets one thing wrong about Blood. One mismatch of words and he goes off in a rampage, going out of his way to prove that the person isn't a true Bloodite. To this person, Blood isn't a game, it is his life. He shall not be named though, because you know who he is. -- By User:Drudge Master

Early Plans[edit]

Okay, the LithTech editor seems promising once we learn how to use it, as we have mentioned before we shall first be building "ShadowCorps Barracks" and such. A more extravagant bit will involve unpacking the Nightmare levels and extracting the Robed Cultist and making the first Eye of Epiphany related levels. We can create the other oldie fashioned cultists with them (though remember we have never done this before and this is a learning experience). I also have a bone to pick with the Postmortem, I dislike any fan site that has "reproduction of text without permission is not tolerated" even though they took stuff from Planet Blood. I mean what is the point of writing stuff about your favorite game if you do not allow others to use it. It is of course different here, we use the GFDL. I like the name "Mana Force", combines mystical wordage with military. Commander Kaamos is alright with me. We will write an actual article for our ideas once we have more than a conceptual idea, (eg: when ShadowCorps Barracks is done). Of course the Blood Hand would be a much later expansion, as there is no such thing a "squad AI" in Blood II. - User: Gideon May 3, 2008

Re: Early Plans[edit]

No rush, guys. In order for a project to be successful, it take time and effort. I was just merely put some ideas out in the open. We should take the time to learn about LithTech before using it. It seems just to make Eye of Epiphany levels first, as their are the main sub-faction. It's fine with me that there is no squad AI, but it would of been interesting though. I am glad you like Mana Force, as it took me about a few seconds to think of it. May I share something we you, guys? I must tell you, that code about the text is not the only thing wrong with it. Even though the Admin runs the place, it seems like it's all under the control of a dictator like figure. Daedalus is the man behind that role, even though I might of misspelled his name. Couple months back I joined the site, hoping to become much more than a Blood fan, a wanted to be a Bloodite. My first couple of posts were non-important stuff like favorite weapons and most freighting enemies. I remember correctly that I post my favorite levels. This is where everything bad happen. One user commented that I had some level listings mixed-up and i though it was nothing serious. Daedalus found out about this and he went off. Preaching about how can I be a true Bloodite if I can't even comprehend the map listing. Destroying my integrity, making me seem like an idiot on the series. Lastly, the low blow was when he directed my to go back the Lith Forums, and don't come back until I am " deemed worthy to be in the domain of the Dreaming God. " Of course, his suck-ups took it like a joke until I expressed my disgust toward him. In usual fashion, Daedalus acted Godly by deleting the whole thing, leaving the first comment about the mis-match. It was wrong for him to do that, I am not the only one he has done this to. The Transfusion Forums once had a member who stood up to him on one of his rampages, the brave Bloodite was discredited and tossed aside. It is really sad to see 'the' site, by the way, that was claimed by Daedalus, of Blood info. More than of the info is from Planet Blood for sakes! I never go back there, as I know that everyone there is brainwashed into believing Daedalus is ' misunderstood' and ' unique, being the incarnation of a dreaming god '. Him in general sickens me, the other people there are just misguided. Sorry that this entry has nothing to do with the game, I just really had to get that off of my chest. -- By User: Drudge Master

I am running out of names for these :-P[edit]

Man, the Postmortem sounds like total hell! How can someone be that full of himself over a computer game? Or does he literally believe that he is an incarnation of Tchernobog? Any way, no progress on LithTech today. We had to do a lot of fencing to let the cows out into the south field. Though the idea is of course to take it slow, master the level editor and churn out a few levels with rudimentary architecture and straight cut outs of Blood II elements. Once that is done move on to the harder stuff, step by step. As to advancing the engine, once done mastering LithTech 1 as is we can download the source goodies and upgrade them into our own version of LithTech, LithTech Caleb or whatever we wish to call it.& :-D Of course we can go hog wild on design ideas, make out the perfect plan for the game. Are you any good at sketching? because some sketches of our ideas would be great. I saw your comment about how have you never played Shogo, I wasn't going to until we found out it had a Linux port, it is actually quite good (even if you are like me and do not like Anime) though it is not like Blood, although some of the CMC offices look kinda like CabalCo offices (hmm, I wonder why? :-P). Oh and you will find that I have edited some of your posts, don't worry all I did is fix some grammar and spelling. I also have a comment on Commander Kaamos, if he is to be an ex-USSR soldier or KGB or whatever then at his youngest he would have to be in his twenties in the '80's and such in the late 2020's he would be in his 60's. Though as a general that is not necessarily a problem, even more so for someone who dealt with CabalCo. - User: Gideon May 4, 2008

Commander Kaamos[edit]

Commander Kaamos could be born in Soviet Russia. He had joined the Cabal as a general around his twenties. On appearance, he looks like he is in his thirties, but he is really in his sixties. The reason for this is the fact that his entrance into the cult granted him infinite youth through intense testing with the to be created ShadowCorps. After months of monitoring Kaamos' progress, the Cabal allowed him to create ShadowCorps. This happened around the same time when The Chosen where chasing around Gideon in Blood II. It was never mentioned because it was a top secret project conducted in underground labs. Another reason I chose Kaamos is because 'polar nights' reflects on his cold motherland.

I wanted to thank you for editing my posts, Gideon. Your actions just show and friendly it is around here! And yes, The Postmortem is hell as it is filled with nothing but snobby characters who compete and show-off. Another example is if you say the Hell Hand scares you sometimes, they will call you a wuss and make fun of you. That place is no 'friendly forum'. Second, I can sketch out your ideas on paper, but I have no way to get them on the web. Another note is that I have started sketching out the Eye of Epiphany emblem, the symbol of the sub-faction. Trust me, once I find a way, you'll know about it. Third, Shogo might be a good game, but it's going to be hard to find a download. Finally, take time to master LithTech, as we want the Reckoning to be a creation made from the true Bloodites, the ones who are equal to both games and play purely for the enjoyment of it. Be it Still Kicking or Extra Crispy! -- By User:Drudge Master


Cold motherland eh, sounds like home. Last winter we got a long cold snap where it stayed around -30 Celsius for around a week or so, brr! We also just recovered from a sudden cold bit from Northern winds and southern moisture. Though spring is here to stay now. Hell hands are hell, I always hate them! As to the sketches, I take it you do not have a scanner? It's funny to hear you say that Shogo is hard to find, the Linux version is everywhere! ;-D I never feel all that at home at the Transfusion forums either, I can talk there but I always have my hand on my sawed-off stuffed in my Trench Coat. One of the worst forums I was a member of was Linux Questions, where I was hounded because I protested Ubuntu (One Linux distro I have a problem with), the guys on the Fedora Forum are okay. Though the moderators are quick to close a threat if they fear that a confrontation s coming between two posters. The best forum I was ever a member of was actually the Communist League forums, those were good people! - User: Gideon May, 4 2008

Bad combo[edit]

Today I had the worst headache and stomach sickness in months. All day, I ran around the bathroom and back, wondering when the hell I was going to throw up! This all subsided when I took a long, quiet nap. Many thoughts swirled in my mind. Like, how should Blood III: The Reckoning's story unfold? Why did I always die on Extra Crispy? Is Ophelia's love for Caleb fueled by something entirely different? It was real experience. Some more good news to report, i finally got my Red Alert copy to work on Windows XP! All I had to do was download a patch off the net and unzip it in the directory. The game works perfectly! More good news is that it works on my 1440x900 monitor. :-D Now to the questions. Nope, don't own a scanner, but will get one in time. Hopefully, in time before Blood III: The Reckoning takes off into the first main stages. Still can't find Shogo for Windows, gotta keep looking. It's mainly warm in Philadelphia. I still harbor a love for the cold snow and ice. Makes the city more amazing. Transfusion Forums seem a lot less hectic than The Postmortem, but I feel more at home here! What's funny is the fact that one the moderators, most likely the crony for Daedalus, Dimebog, deleted my little exchange of words rather quickly. Just furthers my point that you are always watched at The Postmortem. Not the nice 'watched' either, the creepy one. Oh well, no need to dwell on meaningless things. -- By User:Drudge Master

-- Need Some Names for This! --[edit]

Damn, about the stomach thing those are always hell. I myself am a little dizzy and sore from all the fencing we did this weekend, but the cows had to be let into the south field. Good job on Red Alert, what ever it is. However there always is a special sort of knack in hacking applications to get them to work. It still is funny whenever I hear anyone say that snow and ice as a likable thing. Try hauling hay bales through waist deep snow drifts out to a bunch of of head butting brutish cows. LOL! Shogo's demo is available here. Yea, I would not recommend Vista (your discussion with Tchernobog) as I have heard nothing but hell about it. That is part of what drove us all to Fedora Linux nearly full time, besides the fact that we have always liked Linux better. Also finally got that damn Math test done, I got a 90% and Tchernobog by a freak chance got 100%. Pretty good for doing it at 10:00 PM after being tired from fencing. ;-D I am planning to write up a basic set up of our current plot. What exactly is the relations between the Mana Force, Eye of Epiphany, and ShadowCorps? - User: Gideon May, 5 2008

Sub-faction Connections[edit]

Red Alert, or Command Conquer Red Alert, was a RTS that was created in 1997. You can battle against the Allies and Soviets through many terrains like snow and grass. It's a pretty good game, though I doubt I can get you a free copy. In short, your lucky if you can get Red Alert to work on XP. On the snow, I would not like the ice and cold either if I had to do what you did. I was born in the city, so I don't know much about farm life. Thanks for the link too! Vista may have pretty graphics, but that's just a smokescreen to hide the truth that it can't play games for shit. Even though some of my games can't play on my Windows XP, it's still way better than Vista. For your question about the sub-faction. All of them were created by a certain Cabal figure. Damian created the Eye of Epiphany shortly after bringing Choegh, Shial, and Cerberus back to life. They dress in Blood I styled robes. The ShadowCorps was formed by Command Kaamos after the many tests done on him by the scientists that would become the ShadowCorps. The Blood II Cultists and Fanatics are now an official part of ShadowCorps. Mana Force was grouped by the remaining Zealots and magical soldiers after the downfall of CabalCo. They relations are based on the fact that the Cabal are more effective if split into groups. Each faction has it's own command station. This was due to the fact that the reason why CabalCo was destroyed so fast was the fact that it was one force and it's one leader held everything together. With the Cabal split in three, if one faction is destroyed, the other will continue the battle -- By User:DrudgeMaster

B3 Chapters and Story Outline[edit]

Okay, based on that I have composed chapter list, detailing the events of the game and how the Chosen take the Cabal apart piece by piece.

  • Chapter One: The Blood Hand (Building the Chosen's Army)
  • Chapter Two: ShadowCrops (Caleb and the rest battle Commander Kaamos and ShadowCorps)
  • Chapter Three: Mana Force (The Blood Hand take on the next part of the Cabal)
  • Chapter Four: Eye of Epiphany (The ultimate war between the Cabal and the Chosen)
  • Chapter Five: The Power of Tchernobog (The final boss battles and the epic struggle with the resurrected sixteenth)

Now back to discussion, on Vista. You are right about the flashy graphics, as one columnist put it "Vista is a Chrome Turd". Well that is why I use Fedora, and I love it. XP was one of the more respectable versions of Windows, the others I sorta liked where 3.11 and 98 SE. 3.11 was a little unstable and to primitive for modern use, 98 SE was way to unstable, and XP gets dead slow after a few months of use. But enough about Operating Systems. If we can make this work The Reckoning will make a sweet game!

Here is the story so far, though I am sure the flow needs work and I and defiantly sure that I must have switched tense a few times. But it is only a first draft.

Warning: This expects familiarity with the plot of Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. Knowledge of the game's expansions would also increase one appreciation of the story. ;-D

“2029, a year after the destruction of the world's largest corporation CabalCo which has left the world in economic and political chaos with degradation, depression, and riots all over the world. The destruction of CabalCo has proved even more devastating for the company's deep sinister secret masters: the dark cult Cabal leaving them demoralized and presumably doomed. A new power has risen from the dark rubble of CabalCo, Damian the little known son of the great Gideon, and the heir to the Cabal throne. Seeing himself as the new “Word” of the Cabal he has set out to recreate what his father had done before him, take the Cabal out of the ashes and bring them back to glory. Unlike his father however he decides to seek it out through the traditional ways of dark magic and the occult. Events during Gideon's and Caleb's duels have also marked changes in the Cabal separating them into three regiments with a loose alliance with each other under Damian. ShadowCorps, the remains of the former CabalCo military empire lead under the much feared and respected Slavic warrior: Commander Kaamos. Along side him is the Necromancer's: Mana Force an elite sect of magicians and the remains of the order of Zealots which have been attempting to enhance the Cabal's connection to the spirit world. Damian himself leads that last and by far most powerful sect: the Eye of Epiphany named after the colossal, ancient, and evil temple of Tchernobog and is the most menacing and organized of the sects.

Damian's plan for power consists of more than just reorganizing and force building, as he is attempted to call up old allies. In a shadowy secret meeting Damian has found and recruited the oldest of Cabal loyals: the long disappeared beasts who had fled after the destruction of the new Chosen. The beasts had been kept alive though the leadership of the twin stone gargoyles: Petros and Lithos the heirs of Cheogh. The long exile has weakened the beasts however, with the spiders nearly extinct. Together the Cabal is aiming once again towards total power, not from fighting Caleb however but through rebirth. They plan to override the darkest of laws, the laws of death and resurrect Tchernobog's generals and the dark being himself thus bringing the long wars of the past century to a dramatic conclusion.

The Chosen meanwhile had already returned home for the otherworld, and have not investigated the Cabal believing it to be far-gone organization with no purpose. Also aided by the Cabal's moving away in secret, well out of the public eye. The Chosen themselves have taken up army building, recruiting the best warriors around into the Blood Hand whose goal is to return the Chosen back to the power they wielded along side Tchernobog well over one hundred years ago. However how long can such two all powerful forces remain apart, it is inevitable that the Cabal and the Chosen will battle again. It is just a matter of when and how...”

Note: The story description above will change over time as I add new versions on top of it. - User: Gideon May 5, 2008