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This page is for discussion on the subject of Blood III: The Reckoning.

For Talk Between Drudge Master and Gideon see DM-G, DM-G-PT2, DM-G-PT3.

Between User:Drudge Master and User:Tchernobog[edit]

Re: Welcome[edit]

The herd beast would look like a great enemy in the game. -- By User:Drudge Master

Re: RE: Welcome[edit]

The herd beast is a herbivore, so should not attack unless approached. Keep that in mined for an enemy, I know the psyche of cows quite well (Though none of them attack me). It is good to see you are respecting others work and putting it into your own. Good Luck.

- User:Tchernobog May 1, 2008

More for the Reckoning[edit]

Again with the Herd beast, in my mind they are a mix between Cows and Bantha's from Star Wars (The furry beasts on Tatoine). Think about it, you would need a shaggy coat in the wastes.

I also think that somehow Gideon should appear in the game. Maybe shortly before the end of the game Daimian learns about his fathers cranial prison, and preforms a dark ritual to free it and places it inside an electronic body (Maybe a Mecha object stolen from Shogo). Gideon can be one of the final bosses then, and put an end to him once and for all. I already have some dialogue stuck in my head for Caleb's re-acquaintance with Gideon...

To comment on Something with your discussion with User:Gideon, I am also a Honour student and am becoming more and more nocturnal myself. Good thing I am home-schooled!

- User:Tchernobog May 2, 2008

I don't know...[edit]

I like the idea of Gideon being released from his cranial prison, but no so much of him being placed in a Mecha from Shogo. Then again, I never play Shogo so what do I know. LOL! But I like what you said about the electric body, maybe the Cabal could have some computer AI that runs the present HQ of the Cabal, most likely a laboratory or great temple. Daimian could sent his spirit to the machine and constantly talk to Caleb through the temple computers and voice boxes. Then, Caleb could gain accessed to a virtual world where Gideon is located and destroy his sprit, leaving him trapped in cyberspace. That would be a cool boss battle. -- By User:Drudge Master


An intriguing idea. The idea for the Shogo mecha was mostly because being a Lithtech game, it would not be to difficult to put it into the game. But your idea does sound pretty intriguing.

To comment on your comments on the Postmortem, I promise you that you do not have to worry about that here. I will not delete or ban anyone for making a mistake, or ban anybody for making suggestions to "management". Then again, on a Wiki it is harder to have a dictator, and easier to fight one that does appear. Good luck here "Bloodite", because you are defiantly one.

- User:Tchernobog May 3, 2008

Re: Interesting[edit]

I thank you for your concern about me. This in general just got me mad because the people of Blood today have forgotten why we play Blood. We play for the intense blood, the massive killing, the witty remarks, but most of all, for the unique enjoyment we get out of the games. The Postmortem isn't a site for this. Never said it was a bad idea, it's just the fact that the Cabal never really focused on robotics. If you can get Shogo mechs into the game, then that will be great! We could just say that the Cabal have started the creation of said mechs as heavy infantry. -- By User:Drudge Master

ReRe: Interesting[edit]

I was thinking if we do go the mecha route we would do some changes to the model, add a few more bloodish features and less like Anime. I think it would be best to make it seem to fit into the first levels of fourth episode of blood, and the Research and Development levels of CabalCo.

Why do I play blood? To give me a challenge on my Linux box (LOL!). No your right, I think the guys at the Postmortem are taking it a bit to seriously. It is a Game for Fun. Fun: doing something for enjoyment. And if they are pricks about it then it is no longer fun.

Authors Note: Why am I censoring my self against swears when I am am talking about a violent video game? Blood causes polite language (LOL).

-User:Tchernobog May 4, 2008

Commander Kaamos and etc[edit]

There is something interesting about a Soviet General in an important role of a corporation. And I also noticed you using the comment motherland, good. There new anthem has fatherland, I mean seriously. What a smack in the face for all the soviet veterans who fought in the Second World War (Or as they call it the great patriotic war). And notice that I call it the Second World War and not World War II (WWII is the American way). But now I am way off topic...

For Shogo I could give you a few links, problem is that they are all for Linux. I think it is a safe bet that you are a windows user, and your spelling might be a sign you use Internet Explorer...

We were not able to get much work done on Lithtech modding though, we were putting up a new fence to let our cattle into our southern pasture, A lot of hard work there... -User:Tchernobog May 4, 2008

More on Kaamos[edit]

Yes, it really is a smack in the face to the brave Soviet people that fought hard in battle. On my spelling, yes, I use Internet Explorer and Windows, mainly XP, but it has been like that my whole life. I've lived with all types of Windows models, from 95 to XP. I haven't and I will not try Vista because I hear it can't play games for, excuse my language, shit. Good luck on the fencing and on LithTech! I'll be happy to know how it goes. -- By User: Drudge Master


I thought so, Firefox has this really nice spell checker. I used many versions of Windows (3.1.1 to XP), but I never felt more at home than on Fedora Linux (Linux pun). Vista is awful hog I hear, and yes I heard it is bad for games. Though I have never tried it personally.

As to you comments in Bad combo, I can imagine that (I wish I did not, but I can :P). Get better soon, stomach aches are the worse. For Shogo there are some links on our Shogo Blood Wiki page Shogo: MAD, but I can not give to much help for the Windows version.

You apparently "harbour a love for the cold snow and ice. Makes the city more amazing". For me snow and Ice are hell, dragging Bales through drifts, opening Ice Holes for cows to drink. Ever spin out on a road into on-coming traffic in Edmonton? When you don't have snow I could guess you would think it is interesting, but when you live with it as an obstacle it becomes a different thing. But more ranting...

BTW, we are done fencing for now. Still need to do bit more work by the highway though...

Additional: "Is Ophelia's love for Caleb fueled by something entirely different?" Please continue, what is your theory.

-User:Tchernobog May 5, 2008

Caleb and Ophelia[edit]

What I meant by that was there might be a different reason why Ophelia cares for Caleb's welfare. Throughout the course of Blood II: The Chosen, there really isn't any evidence that they are a couple, be that an undead one. A new person that has never heard of Blood I might play Blood II and figure the two were sort of in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Now I am not saying that they don't love each other, just that Ophelia might love Caleb for a completely different reason. I figured they never shown alot of romance toward each other because of the situation they are in. This most likely never happened because the people at Monolith focused more on the blood and gore of the game instead of the storyline. Not saying that this is a bad thing. I have come to the conclusion that she cared for him because of what Caleb did when she was in the in burnt out homestead, cowering and on the brink of insanity. Perhaps the reason why they never acted romantically with each other is because of Caleb's lifestyle. He's mostly busy spilling and splash people's blood up against the nearest wall. In the end, for whatever reason it is, the two people still care for each other. -- By User:Drudge Master


To get back to the main point of discussion, I might be able to hack us a Blood III: The Reckoning Linux port. Now this is only theory, but I have been experimenting with the Shogo Linux port by trying to make it run Blood II content. I have had some success so far, I can now play the levels with correct textures. I still have not gotten it to us Blood II Objects and Sounds though, but I have a theory on that. If I can get that working I might be able to write up instructions on how to get Blood II and the Reckoning on Linux.

Additional: "Monolith focused more on the blood and gore of the game instead of the storyline." Shogo is quite the opposite in this way its main focus is story. Though there is plenty of Blood there to. ;) - User:Tchernobog May 5, 2008

It could happen[edit]

Since both games use the LithTech engine, your theory should work. Sounds should be easy to hack into the game, objects might be harder. I wish you good luck Tchernobog. -- By User:Drudge Master

Caleb versus Gideon[edit]

I have took some thought of the sequence before the final battle with Caleb and Gideon. I already have some of the Sounds already, though for one I will need to uncompress the Nightmare levels REZ file. Suggestions Appreciated:

Daimain is almost defeated, Caleb puts his sawed off to his throat. Caleb is disturbed by a metallic sound behind him.

“What the hell?” Caleb asks as Gideon's laugh is heard.

“Ah Caleb, I have been expecting you” Gideon taunts.

“You again” Caleb growls in reply.

“Nothing can stop me, not even death!” Gideon proclaims.

“Well?” Caleb responds.

“I have waited my whole life for this!” Gideon says eagerly.

“To late, your already dead!” Caleb says a battle begins.


I have been doing some thinking on what our "titles" would be for the project, as things look currently. Here goes:

  • Mark "Drudge Master" ?????, Head Designer
  • Hamish "Tchernobog" Wilson, Map Creator and Modder, Designer
  • Graham "Gideon" Wilson, Map Creator and Modder, Designer
  • Iain "Cerberus" Wilson, Web dude (To use Blood 2 terminology)
  • Malcolm "Cheogh" Wilson, Multimedia Expert

Of course this is all static, but something to think about. I should really get around to messing with Lithtech, but I can not let it get in the way of my academics. But Grade Eight is almost over and I should have more time over the horizon. Hopefully we should have "something" by the end of summer, but dont quote me on that. Tchernobog 00:54, 19 May 2008 (EDT)

Voice Actors[edit]

"But I think you two should fill the roles as voice actors". There is one thing I would like to mention on this subject though. Me and Gideon voices are currently changing into its Adult From, which can make it Squeaky and occasionally raspy. This can also mean that our voices are not always the same. Just something to keep in mind, this project will probably take a while anyway and our voices should mellow out in the not to distant future...

"But I will say that are trying to make it's presence known all over the Blood community." Well I don't claim to be completely blameless on that front. I want Blood III: The Reckoning to spread word of the Blood Wiki. I do however claim that I do not want this for personal glory. What I really want is for the Blood Wiki to be a successor to Planet Blood, that is regain the creative and productive (and laid-back) spirit of that website that has been lost from the Blood community. I want the Blood Wiki to bring the fun back...

Please Respond to this post, I feel like I am talking to a wall ;) Tchernobog 17:02, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

Re:Voice Actors[edit]

I understand what you mean Tchernobog. What I meant that they are going beyond the fence on RATM. Every site they go to gets advertise of the mod's existence. Of course, we must notify the public of The Reckoning and the Wiki, but we do it in a more friendly manner. The Posty guys always mention their "work of sheer perfection" Rage Against the Machine Episode 1. Mostly when talking about mods. They think their work is superior. Back to the voices, my voice has squeaked or became raspy...yet. I figure by the end of this school year, it will begin it's morphing process yet again. So you would understand why I am unable to assist the project in this way. And yes, I do feel the fun from playing Blood has been drained due to years of no new games or material. The IRL public has forgotten about this special FPS. I can still aid the Wiki and The Reckoning throughout story-lines and sketches. I've noticed that my last name is covered in question marks. Well, I guess I can trust you and your brothers to my last name. My real name is Mark Anthony Schaller. Now that the truth is out, take your time to soak it in as I update my User Page. Regards, Mark. -- By User:Drudge Master

Re:Re:Voice Actors[edit]

Just out of curiosity, what grade are you in?

Good you understood my meaning, but I have to be completely honest about this. My voice is settling down now though, apparently I am sounding more like Iain now. So before long I should be good, and hopefully in two languages! (Me and Graham have been taking Spanish as a secondary course. Need to get in the habit of rolling my R's though, ¿Donde esta un cruento wiki?)

Since you stated you middle name, I will state mine in fairness, Hamish "Paul" Wilson (after my farther). ;)

Re:A real Blood III?[edit]

I am personally extremely skeptically about this too. First, I thought that Jason Hall not longer worked for Monolith Productions (saw a news site say something as such from 2007), so how would he know about this or be able to do anything about it anymore? Second of course is this whole mess with Atari, the continuing plague on our little community. Monolith is also of course under the F.E.A.R hype, so they will focus on Project Origin (Which always seemed to be a sucky name to me).

There would of course be advantages to a Monolith Productions Blood III of course. For one thing, it will be forced as Blood canon giving it more credibility as a sequel. There would be a commercial force behind the project to give it resources, but I also see three problems with a Monolith Blood III:

  • They might just ignore the community wishes and build whatever they want.
  • "Same as the first Blood, but with superior graphics", which would be cool, but are they just going to ignore Blood II?
  • Of course it would not have a Linux port. Come on Monolith, id does it, Epic did it, even Valves doing it, just do it, just port to Linux! :P

We will still thinking about the Reckoning, maybe put some work into it, unless it is officially confirmed that development has begun. And we will always keep the Reckoning on the Back of our minds even then. Tchernobog 00:36, 8 June 2008 (EDT)

Edit: Yep, it would appear that Jason Hall is not at Monolith: Tchernobog 01:36, 8 June 2008 (EDT)

Re:Re:Re:Voice Actors[edit]

My grade? Well, in a few days I will be ending 7th grade and advance to 8th after the summer. We really don't have Spanish classes in my school, most likely because it is a public school. Nothing special, just an ordinary public school around the block. Hamish Paul Wilson, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I am about to address what you posted about Blood III. You think the same way I do. I think if Monolith had not left the Blood series and kept on working on it, then maybe in wouldn't be in such a sea of problems, the main ones being the mess with Atari and the whole F.E.A.R. craze. As for now, we'll keep up with the Reckoning, until they actually announce it to the public. Then, I guess we'll just see how it goes and plays out. By the way, I was reading some of my leftover Blood fan fiction from a couple of months ago ( most of them begin half finished and what not. ) and I wanted to tell you if you're going to write any new fanfics for us. I'm dying for new Blood material, well not really, but it would be nice to read some new stuff over. On another note, I saw a pretty interesting vid on YouTube that I think you should check out. I am not sure if Linux can play YouTube vids, but I think it can.


Regards, Mark -- User:Drudge Master

Addition: I think this video tells how I feel about the Blood series in it's sort of abandoned state. This video is deicated to this Blood, it all it's gore and voilence!

Blood III, Fan Fiction, etc[edit]

Not to be rude, but I could barely read some of your text in your last post. Yes I am working on a new piece of Fan fiction, though I have not put to much work into it as of late. I will not divulge exactly what it is, but Caleb meets one of the most well known characters of 19th Century literature...

I will say again that I am very doubtful about this whole Blood III thing, but could you please post a link to the Postmortem thread in question? I hate searching through Forum posts, they get so untidy and disorganized.

I am currently finishing the Eighth grade, I will be in Ninth next school year. I am surprised about your School not having Spanish available as course, considering that Spanish would be much more useful to know for an American than a Canadian. Here we have French as an option since elementary, a few more Languages become available in Junior High (Such as Spanish), and in high school and university you have even more options (Like Ukrainian). And this is all (except for University) under Public education...

Linux can defiantly play YouTube videos (It is just Flash after all). Since it is owned by Google, I would not be surprised if it was hosted on Linux servers (Google has used Linux since it was founded). I will get around to seeing the video sometime... Tchernobog 20:05, 9 June 2008 (EDT)


Well, it seems my last post had an abundance of text errors. I have corrected them. This only happens when I type too fast and try to rush things. I never was patient. Anyway, I'am glad to hear that you are working on a new fanfic. I hurts me to say this, but I cannot provide a link because I can't even find it in the Forum Index. I should of recorded it, but I was merely lurking, but I will update this post if I do find it. On the school system, Philadelphia public schools are mainly basic in terms of classes, nothing too special.  Besides, I never bothered too much to learn other lauguages, I know it would be useful but I just don't have the time. This time as been taken up by a trial of The Ultimate Doom WAD playthoughs. I downloaded a few and I must say, they are top notch work. I currently playing a WAD called 2002: A Doom Oddysee. The level design is fantastic and the music was made from scratch by the WAD's author or authors. I would download some Doom II WADS but, atlas, my only copy of it cracked about 5 years ago. Then again, I could just get the Doom Trilogy.

Again, apologizes for my typing errors, as I have not yet learned how to take things slow and steady. Regards, Mark


Sorry to hear about the fact that you can not find the link, but I have done stuff like that myself. I found this great game developer website and It took me years to find the link again. And then after a month of using its resources it goes down for maintenance! Still waiting on it...

I mostly taking Spanish to fill up my secondary course options. It was really that or Music (Hours to go to Edmonton for Classes), Food, and some other trivial things. Spanish was the most practical...

I myself have dipped my hand into the world of the Doom WAD community. I have played several Doom II WAD's(Not just Blood TC :P) using the PrBoom source port from the Fedora Repository. The best one I have played is a Doom II WAD called "Rebirth". He made a few pointless graphics and sound changes (Like taking the heads of the pistol zombies and make the pistol shoot sound the same as the shotguns), but the main thing I like about the WAD is it has great level design. The maps are complex without being labyrinthine and they have a feel very smiilar to Knee Deep in the Dead. If you ever get Doom II again you will find Rebirth at Doom WAD Station.

The Fedora Repository also has a Linux WAD editor called Yadex. I have been doing some messing around with it, and so far it is pretty cool. I have tried several WAD experiments so far (Wolfenstein Map, Doom Train, etc), but nothing I would consider presentable. I have been recently working on a WAD I call "The Waste Tunnels" where you navigate through a Underground Waste system. It is a pretty simple WAD, all one level with no doors and all the same light level. It is the best I can do with my current knowledge though. If you get Doom II I will post you a link.

Additional: You can try the FreeDoom WAD to run Doom II WAD Files. It has worked with Blood TC, and it may work with others. I first found FreeDoom in the Fedora Repository, interesting premise, making Free Software Doom Levels. You can find out more here: and if you need a Source Port I suggest PrBoom:

Additional Additional: There are some interesting facts here: Special:Statistics Tchernobog 22:43, 9 June 2008 (EDT)


I think I saw a few screenshots of the WAD while searching at Doomworld. It looked pretty good, if I can recall correct. The WAD I got, 2002: A Doom Oddysee, adds 32 new levels for all episodes of The Ultimate Doom and adds completely new music as well. The level design also has a theme that reflects the episode it takes. Each time you end a level, the score screen has different background which just adds to the enjoyment. But it has it's time where you get swarmed by enemies, and most keys are guarded by hidden walls that fall down revealing squads of hellspawn ready to rip you apart piece by piece. All the boss levels are made twice as hard, but keeps up with the canon storyline, with the exception of episode 4 . What I also like is how the author combine wall textures to give the levels the sense that the base as been over run by the demons, mostly in episode 2. you'll find cracks in the walls revealing hellish flames, and weird tan coloured growths coming beneath the ground below you. Again, level design and unique style is what makes this WAD great. If you have The Ultimate Doom, I highly recommend. If you want the WAD, hit me up on My Talk, or just throw it in the reply to this post. I'll check at that FreeDoom by the way. -- By User:Drudge Master

Long time, no post[edit]

Sorry for my absence, I have been rather busy lately with my final exams, the lawn, and my other projects. First I will say that yes, I do have the Ultimate Doom so please post a link to the WAD. I have been reading some your discussions with Gideon, and I like your Melee weapon ideas. Keep up tying to draw, right now I am under the assumption that you are good until I get further data (don't worry, I am not expecting anything). You listen to eleven year old music, we listen to Warren Zevon tracks that are mostly from the 1970's AND 1980's! I was never a big fan of the HeXen/Heretic series myself, it just gets SO boring after a while. I don't think I have ever played a game with the tactical moves you say are missing from Doom3, then again they might have been there and I never used them. My only real criticism of Doom3 is that the Demons should have been more Doom like in there graphics. All these grey beast get boring, and they totally butchered the Cacodemon.

Referring to the Other projects I mentioned earlier, I am building an RPG game for the hell of it. It is mostly built on old technology developed by Gideon, though we have some new breakthroughs for us in GAMBAS like Universal Variables and Probability. I am going to sneak a few references to other games in there, especially Blood. I have plans for you to meet a Farmer Caleb who has a rather violent disposition, and the name Ishmael is got to be in there somewhere. To continue on the Doom3 theme there is going to be a Betruger in there as well. There is a lot to keep me busy this summer, this promises to be fun!

Note: I fixed your spelling in your last post. :)

Tchernobog 19:25, 27 June 2008 (EDT)

Additional: Now I'm MAD! Okay, it is not as bad as what happened to Gideon but still. We have gone into our usual hot days of Summer (With temperatures around 30-35 degrees Celsius). My computer has this really horrible Intel Processor that creates massive amounts of heat. Normally my computer can handle it with Fans and it's liquid cooling system, but it is now so hot that the computer suffers from heat freezes! When I am using it it suddenly locks up and freezes on me, it is like using Windows again! This means that with Gideon's laptop out and My Computer out development on the Tech side of the Reckoning is just as likely as Caleb hugging a Mime! Oh well, the power cord is shipping and the heat should die down before to terribly long. Thank Tchernobog for this old laptop me and Gideon have been using, with a stable-ish power cord (you have to fight with it, loose connection somewhere) and an older, cooler, processor. Hope you are having a better summer. I will try the WAD when my computer is up. Tchernobog 17:51, 30 June 2008 (EDT)

Additional Additional: I have posted a thread on the Monolith forums asking for any suggestions for a Sequel to Blood II, any ideas could help: Tchernobog 19:20, 4 July 2008 (EDT)

Additional Additional Additional: I am happy to say all our Computers are up and running again. User:Cheogh has been doing interesting experiments with a 3D modeller. Specifically he has been converting Quake3 models and messing around with them. What does this mean to the Reckoning? User:Cheogh will probably be our main modeller for the project, so the experience he is gaining is a great asset. We are planning on giving him the OpenArean pak file so he can mess with some free software (usable) models, so he can make models useful for mine and Gideon various projects. In other news, User:TheWallflower is keeping busy, and keeping us on our toes. I had to correct a small problem he made by creating an article about references in the Blood series when we already have one. This got me thinking about what references we should put in the Reckoning (In good Bloody fashion). I was thinking some of these would be nice to include:

  • Mask and Gauntlet of the Inquisitor from Red Dwarf hidden in some room.
  • Some kind of Reference to Undead and Meter Maids - Odd Job Jack
  • Some references to Fan works (such as putting fan poems on papers, etc)

What would you include? Tchernobog 22:43, 25 July 2008 (EDT)



I have a few ideas of how we could host a pretty good website here on the Blood Wiki for The Reckoning. It would involve having a locked page which only Wiki staff and you could edit. We could even customize it with help from User:Cerberus. We could also get some good web graphics from User:Cheogh. User:Tchernobog May 6, 2008

Um maybe we could create a Blood Project, kinda like a wiki project on Wikipedia. Cerberus 02:40, 15 May 2008 (EDT)

Please elaborate, what exactly do you want old boy? :P Tchernobog 11:42, 16 May 2008 (EDT)

Oh its "old boy" now is it? Well check this page. Cerberus 12:12, 16 May 2008 (EDT)


Obviously we want too work out a storyline, and probably a demo build before we worry about voice talent too much but the following links could be useful

Cerberus 17:24, 18 June 2008 (EDT)