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"Blood: French Meat (BloodGDX) - E1M2 Westtown - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - French Meat expansion - E1M2 [Extra Crispy]" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube
"Blood GDX-French meat E1M2/Westtown" (Mr. Killer God) - BloodGDX - YouTube

WestTown (TEDE1M2) is the second level of the Blood fan add-on French Meat (2012). It takes place in a hotel leading into a mid-sized town, reminiscent of E2M4: The Overlooked Hotel and E3M1: Ghost Town.

Level Designer: TEDD

Song Track: 8 - Fate of the Damned (CD-Audio), cblood1 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


Arriving at a two story hotel, Caleb has to venture his way up and down stairs and elevators, before then fighting it out in the streets, using neighbouring buildings and alleys for cover. He blasts through a possessed bank vault, slaughters all at a nearby pub, before then heading to a gun shop to restock on supplies. This leads him through a haunted tenement, which then provides access to a river boat.

Enemies Present[edit]


Weapons Available[edit]





"Hmm! I'd have to say this is the weakest map in the set for me, although it's got a great amount of non-linear paths and they seem to merge back onto themselves, I think it suffers from symmetrical problems particularly when you first enter the town, also the constant use of brown was very bland and sour for the eyes, we don't need a reminder of Quake's Brown World now... Sure it's packed with Cultist encounters but they seem to make up the majority of battles and it becomes quite stale over time. However I must hand it to you on the rain effect, I'm not certain I've seen that before or if so it's pretty damn impressive."

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