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Sunstorm Interactive was the video game development company responsible for creating Cryptic Passage, an expansion pack for Blood. It was well known for creating the Skunny the Squirrel series and Deer Hunter series, spawning the hunting game genre, but enjoyed its most success from value-priced expansion packs for Build engine games, including various expansion packs for Duke Nukem 3D. They also later built Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, a three dimensional platform game released to moderate success. In 2003, after being unable to regain the same level of profitability, Sunstorm shut down due to financial difficulties; with Gabriel Entertainment being a quasi-successor. Recently the company seems to have been reborn and entered the mobile gaming market and technical consulting.


  • Anthony Campiti founded the company and remained president until its closure in 2003.
  • Robert Travis was project director and lead level designer on Cryptic Passage. He held similar roles on the Sucking Grits on Route 66 expansion for Redneck Rampage as well as the unreleased Shadow Warrior expansion Wanton Destruction. His contributions on Cryptic Passage include Lost Monastery, Mountain Pass, and the secret level Boggy Creek as well as in part on Gothic Library. He signs his levels with his initials next to a star trek federation insignia. He's also credited as level designer in both of Sunstorm's Duke Nukem expansions, Duke it out in D.C. and Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach.
  • Charlie Wiederhold's role was as programmer and level designer. He designed the Bloodbath map Deadly Inspirations for Cryptic Passages. His maps are signed Wieder. He's credited as project leader for Wanton Destruction and designed levels for that game as well as the Sunstorm Duke Nukem expansions.
  • Shawn Swift was another frequent level designer for Sunstorm. He signs his levels with his e-mail address. He designed Abysmal Mine and co-designed Gothic Library with Robert Travis and is credited as a level designer for Duke it out in D.C. and Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach.
  • Tyler Larsen designed Graveyard and Unholy Cathedral. He signs his name as BLiSS. He also designed levels for Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach and Wanton Destruction.

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