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A collection of Blood related animations made using Pivot Animator were uploaded to YouTube in 2007. They were hosted by an account called Diclonius Gigan (aka UKcallum), which was taken down in 2017 due to repeated copyright complaints, taking these videos with it. The Blood Wiki has now rehosted these files.

Blood: Caleb VS the Cabal[edit]


Caleb slaying stick figure cultists while saying various one-liners from the Blood games.

Featuring "Blood Song 2" from Planet Blood.

Blood: Caleb Remix[edit]


A continuation of Caleb VS the Cabal, with more killing and more one-liners.

Featuring the song "Caleb Remix" by Thomas Fiedler on Planet Blood.

Sing along with Caleb from Blood[edit]


Stick figure Caleb slays cultists while signing various lyrics from songs.