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1 December 2021

     15:30  Life Leech diffhist +110 talk →‎Blood

29 November 2021

     21:13  TEDE1M4: People Juice Factory‎‎ 2 changes history +109 [2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D‎ (2×)]
21:13 (cur | prev) +2 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Fun Stuff
21:13 (cur | prev) +107 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Fun Stuff: ; similar experiments appear to be conducted in IE2M06: CITADEL from ''The Way of Ira'' (2019-2021).

28 November 2021

     22:14  Category:Characters diffhist +25 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Notable Non-Canon Characters
     22:10  The Way of Ira‎‎ 10 changes history +3,411 [2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D‎ (4×); Gideon‎ (6×)]
22:10 (cur | prev) +11 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
22:08 (cur | prev) +4 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two: Too many SOMES!
15:59 (cur | prev) -2 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
15:58 (cur | prev) 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
01:06 (cur | prev) +27 Gideon talk contribs →‎External Links: Category:Good Articles
01:03 (cur | prev) +414 Gideon talk contribs →‎Development: Further development has been mooted. {{quote|quotation="To be fair, Chapter I needs a revisit with stuff I learned in Chapter II. That will certainly be done. About a Chapter III..The High Council is still around and Caleb does need to put a definite end to that. First some months of pause and then I start again."|attributedTo=[ MariusArmand, July 16, 2021]}}
00:37 (cur | prev) -14 Gideon talk contribs →‎Reception
00:36 (cur | prev) -14 Gideon talk contribs →‎Reception
00:36 (cur | prev) -1 Gideon talk contribs →‎Reception
00:35 (cur | prev) +2,986 Gideon talk contribs →‎Reception: ModDB reviews
     21:49  Blood diffhist 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Episode 3: A Farewell to Arms
     21:38  French Meat 2‎‎ 3 changes history +32 [2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D‎ (3×)]
21:38 (cur | prev) +1 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Episode
21:37 (cur | prev) -2 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Episode
21:36 (cur | prev) +33 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Episode
     01:15  List of Mods diffhist +94 Gideon talk contribs →‎Other
     01:12  Development of Blood diffhist +27 Gideon talk contribs →‎Resources: Category:Good Articles
     01:11  Development of Blood II diffhist +27 Gideon talk contribs →‎Resources: Category:Good Articles
 m   01:11  Ophelia Price diffhist -9 Gideon talk contribs →‎Development
     00:54  Rage Against the Machine diffhist +328 Gideon talk contribs →‎Critical Reception: {{quote|quotation="A good mod so far, the mapping is fabulous (though I didn't like 'Knee deep in the undead' it was too dark and maze-like). The opening cinematic could be confusing to people who don't know the blood lore very well but it still works. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience."|attributedTo=St.Jimmy23}}
     00:51  French Meat diffhist +1,167 Gideon talk contribs →‎Critical Reception
     00:47  Eviction diffhist +790 Gideon talk contribs == Reception == {{quote|quotation="There is no room for improvement. These maps are done. Most detailed environments I've ever seen in Blood. Clearly made with passion. Congrats!"|attributedTo=MariusArmand}} {{quote|quotation="Super cool and super detailed maps for Blood. Despite there are currently 3 levels as I am writing this review, I think it's just enough considering how much effort the creator has put into those maps."|attributedTo=[
     00:44  Out for Blood diffhist +503 Gideon talk contribs →‎Reception: {{quote|quotation="Best Blood mod I ever played, even if it's just 6 levels and one episode. The first level, I admit it is rather terrible, what with the verticality going on about it, but the rest of the levels are simply amazing. Going from map 2 and onwards, I just felt like I was playing Thief itself. I was hoping to see Episode 2, hopefully you're just busy right now and can get to work on it soon."|attributedTo=[
     00:42  Trauma Therapy diffhist +2,228 Gideon talk contribs Reception
 m   00:28  Gmanlives diffhist 0 Gideon talk contribs →‎Videos

27 November 2021

 m   23:35  User:Gideon diffhist +7 Gideon talk contribs
     23:33  The Way of Ira‎‎ 15 changes history +1,953 [Gideon‎ (2×); 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D‎ (13×)]
23:33 (cur | prev) -3 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
23:27 (cur | prev) +17 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
23:26 (cur | prev) 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Development
20:07 (cur | prev) -6 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
20:06 (cur | prev) +235 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
18:41 (cur | prev) +480 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Development: The add-on features allusions to several conspiracy theories, being staged by the Cabal. The readme file remarks. {{quote|quotation="All events and gags in The Way Of Ira, even those that seem to be based on real events/people, are entirely fictional. Some events and gags can be interpreted subjectively. If you experience any mental discomfort by playing this fictional content, an uninstall is strongly recommended."|attributedTo=Readme}}
18:33 (cur | prev) 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
18:26 (cur | prev) 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
18:25 (cur | prev) +340 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two: He has finally arrived at the Citadel, a massive Cabal fortress with numerous offshoots emanating out from a vast central courtyard; these include the biological laboratories of one Dr. Mengle. He unlocks his way through the complex, before finding the passage to the depths below (IE2M06: CITADEL).
16:55 (cur | prev) +5 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
16:54 (cur | prev) 0 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
16:53 (cur | prev) +15 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two
16:50 (cur | prev) +327 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Chapter Two: The portal materializes Caleb in a temple surrounded by moats of lava, with a passage through a cave bringing him to a cursed town. He ventures through a brothel and then an opera house, and a casino. He enters another building and discovers a prison in the basement, and another teleporter (IE2M08: DAMNED REPENTANCE).
14:46 (cur | prev) -3 Gideon talk contribs →‎Chapter Two
14:45 (cur | prev) +546 Gideon talk contribs →‎Chapter Two: Caleb pulls the engine into Citadel Station, claiming the skull key, and takes the war to the streets. He smashes through a the Sav-A-Lot grocery store to pick up the eye key, Methany Meats butcher shop for the fire key, a show down in the The Bloated Liver pub for the dagger key, and the Sorot Bank for the spider key. Now its time for a hospital visit, which conceals the moon key and the basement morgue. The Seal of Tchernobog marks the path to the Citadel proper, or a hi
     23:30  IE1M07: RETRIBUTION diffhist +38 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Fun Stuff: IE2M01: ONSLAUGHT
     13:39  Blood II: The Chosen diffhist +22 2001:56A:FC8E:D600:A609:E613:E221:557D talk →‎Development