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This article is part of the Shogo Wiki Sub-Section and Project and is not to be confused with the Wiki proper.

This article is for documenting the on-foot gameplay of Shogo: Mobile Armour Division.


Tanto Knife

A simple Melee weapon that the player carries through out the on-foot missions. Simple slash attack.

Dual Pistols

Another weapon the player has at the beginning of all on-foot missions. The two pistols fire alternately spraying the area bullets, but still providing decent accuracy.


An accurate weapon that fires a powerful blast at close range.

Machine Gun

A weapon that fires a spray of bullets at a high velocity.

Assault Rifle

A high speed automatic rifle that like the machine gun fires a fury of bullets. Press the weapons select button for a short burst sniper mode.

Energy Grenade

A grenade launcher that blasts a blue energy ball that detonates on contact with opponents or walls also providing a large amount of splash damage. It was originally intended to be the alternate firing mode for the assault rifle.

Kato Grenade

Similar to the Energy Grenade, it fires a yellow ball of Kato that bounces of walls for a little before finally detonating. This gun also provides a large amount of splash damage.


A TOW rocket launcher that fires a missile that is extremely powerful with lots of splash damage. Take note that it takes a little while for the player to reload the gun.

Squeaky Toy

A plastic cat toy that squeaks when the player presses the fire key. Oddly enough opponents scream when the player squeaks it near them, although no real damage is evident.

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