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This article outlines the enemies in the game Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. All Shogo Factions have the same types of soldiers only being differentiated by colour. The Fallen are purple, the CMC are yellow, the UCA are blue, and Shogo troops are red.


Trooper "Standard light-armored foot soldiers. Range from crack troops to glorified security guards."--Shogo website

A standard type of military troops ranging from security personal to specialized troops. Also once used to represent "stragglers" that Sanjuro has to fight to find and return a stolen cat to continue a level.

Shock Trooper[edit]

"Assault troops in powered armor who can take as much abuse as they dish out."--Shogo website

An upgraded trooper with much more powerful armour.

Shock Trooper

Andra 5[edit]

Andra 5 "Standard combat MCA in wide use due to its inexpensive production cost."--Shogo website

A standard combat MCA with decent capabilities.

Andra 10[edit]

"A step up from the Andra 5, this MCA is more durable and provides better protection for its pilot."--Shogo website

An upgraded version of the Andra 5 with more powerful armour to protect the pilot.

Andra 10

Ruin 150[edit]

Ruin 150 "The RUIN-150 Main Battle Tank is the top of the line in urban pacification."--Shogo website

A tank that has a powerful armament and is designed for urban warfare.


"CLASSIFIED"--Shogo website

A top-secret spider like attack vessel.



Raksha "A sleek, deadly MCA reserved for elite pilots."--Shogo website

A powerful and manoeuvrable MCA that only the most experience pilots get to drive.


"Bystanders, personnel, and officers who may help you or raise an alarm depending on their loyalties."--Shogo website

Men and women caught in the cross-fire of the Cronian wars. They mostly cower and scream in terror however they sometimes activate alarms, lock doors, or get in the player's way.



Gabriel's right hand minion Uziel armed inside an MCA with MCA weapons.


"A mysterious figure who has managed to unite the Fallen and threaten the UCA's control of Cronus."--Shogo manual

Gabriel armed inside an MCA with MCA weapons.

Ryo Ishikawa[edit]

Ryo both armed in an MCA with MCA weapons and on-foot armed with a shotgun.


Cothineal sits in a pool of liquid and projects a force field defending Gabriel. The player must shoot it in the eye to deactivate Gabriel's defences.


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