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This article lists various quotations from Shogo: Mobile Armour Divison.


Sanjuro Makabe[edit]

  • "I'm going to shove you up the barrel of my pulse rifle and shoot your through a building!"
  • "Ryo's going to die and it's going to be bloody! So what now?"
  • "When I find Ryo I am going to rip his leg off and kick his ass with it!"

Toshiro Makabe[edit]

  • "We, the fallen children of earth, our ancestral home, are the rightful heirs and stewards of Coth. We will tolerate no further exploitation of her bounty, no further taking of her gifts. Those who oppose the will of Coth shall be expunged. Those who leave will do so with our blessing. Those who remain will perish." - extract from a public statement issued by Gabriel to the population of Cronus and the various interests in orbit around her
  • "You must choose your path Sanjuro. We will offer a bargain, swear allegiance to us and your brother will be spared, providing that you can prevent your Admiral from destroying Avernus. If you choose to pursue your mission you will learn the true power of Gabriel." - as Gabriel

Nathanial Akkaraju[edit]

  • "You're too late Sanjuro! Today I will bring peace to Cronus!"

Kathryn Akkaraju[edit]

  • "Just because I've sworn off violence doesn't mean I won't crack open your head mister!"

Kura Akkaraju[edit]

  • "They couldn't, I've been working undercover. My father assigned me to learn everything I could about the Fallen."
  • "Cothineal is a life form so vast that people have been looking at it for two hundred years without recognizing what it was. It stretches for hundreds of kilometres under the surface of Cronus. Cothineal is the source of kato. Its using Toshiro to protect itself."

Baku Ogata[edit]

  • "Sanjuro?! I know you..."

Hank Johnson[edit]

  • "Friend of a friend, Hank Johnson's the name."
  • "Ever hear of Uziel? That's Gabriel's right-hand man. The bastard's close by so, uh, be careful."
  • "Get out of there Sanjuro, it's a friggin trap!"
  • "You doubting me boy?"
  • "Sure is a lot of mother lovin' stairs..."
  • "My wife and I worked for Andra Biomechanics at the Geological Research Station in Avernus. One day I was out taking readings on one of the geothermal conduits and Kura came staggering out of the shadows. She was beat up pretty bad, poor thing. I got her back to my place, and the wife took care of her for a couple of days, nursed her back to health. After she contacted her father, he told her to stay out of sight and find out what she could about the Fallen." - cut dialogue
  • "It was Kura's idea, we found out about your mission and figured, uh, that you'd need some help." - cut dialogue
  • "I always wanted to join the UCA and be a hero, but, uh, couldn't pass the damn physical. Guess this is just my way of living out a dream." - cut dialogue
  • "Listen Sanjuro, there is something you should know - the Fallen are not just a bunch of fanatics. There is a lot more to it than that. It all has to do with Cothineal." - cut dialogue

Ryo Ishikawa[edit]

  • "The press bends the truth to suit its own agenda. You should know that better than anyone. Leave it at that. Ryo out."
  • "Thanks for your assistance Commander, you're no longer useful to me. Sorry to leave you hanging."
  • "Two years ago when you lead your squad into Avernus and killed Ivan Isaravich, you did a lot more than liquidate an up-and-coming tyrant. You wrecked a scheme I've been nurturing for years. It's taken me a long time to recover from the mess you made, and now you're trying to ruin me again."
  • "Who did you think tipped off the CMC about your little love bird anyway?"
  • "Too late Commander, say goodbye!" - before executing Hank
  • "I will take great pleasure in watching you die Commander."
  • "I've had enough of your meddling, I'll fire the cannon myself just as soon as I put you down!"


  • "This sector is under enforced curfew in accordance with CMC marshal order 764. Unauthorized civilians must remain indoors until 8:00 AM under penalty of incarceration. Report curfew violations to the CMC curfew enforcement bureau at code 217" - CMC loudspeaker


  • "Hubbard & Associates - We have issues!"
  • "CURV - Let genetic engineering give you a perfect body!"
  • "Classical Amish Death Metal!"
  • "Extreme Extremeness" - a presumable band poster
  • "C.HA.R.F. - Cronus Hamster Racing Foundation"
  • "Heaven's Gate Condominiums"
  • "Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?"

Radio Free Cronus[edit]

The propaganda station operated by the Cronian Mining Consortium, which can be heard in several places in the game, often commenting on the player's actions in an exaggerated fashion.

  • "This is Radio Free Cronus broadcasting live from Maritropa, where a rogue MCA pilot has engaged the Regana division in the Venus District. The identity and motives of the rogue are unclear, although a CMC spokesperson has confirmed reports of at least a dozen civilian casualties as a result of the rampage."
  • "Reports of indiscriminate violence in lower Maritropa continue, the rouge pilot who is still at large has been implicated in the massacre of twenty four civilians and twelve CMC security personnel at a night club in the Shinara district."
  • "The senseless violence continues, eight dogs were mutilated today by a crazed MCA pilot wielding kato energy weapons. Cronian officials remind you to please keep your animals on leash at all times."
  • "Thirty eight children were hospitalized yesterday after suffering severe burns from energy grenade fallout. Remember, healthy children avoid fallout!"
  • "This is Radio Free Cronus broadcasting everywhere, all the time, to everyone. Be good, be safe, be happy, this is Radio Free Cronus!"
  • "The CMC is currently seeking volunteers to participate in their highly advanced bio-weapons tests. Don't be a burden to your fellow Cronians, sign up today and support the cause!"
  • "This is Radio Free Cronus reporting live from the Cronian surface, where rebel forces have once again been turned back by the CMC militia. One step closer to victory for the Cronian Mining Consortium!"
  • "Ask what you can do for the CMC, sign up for volunteer duty at your local CMC recruitment station today!"
  • "This is Radio Free Cronus bringing you today's weather. Expect automated sunshine throughout the day with increasing condensation likely this evening."
  • "The CMC wishes to remind all Cronian residents that curfew is still in effect, report violators to your local CMC headquarters. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "A spokesperson for the CMC reminds all residents to report any unidentified MCAs immediately to the nearest CMC watch station. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "This is Radio Free Cronus reminding all residents to protect yourselves and and your neighbors. Report curfew violators today!"
  • "CMC officials report that the Dussault bridge has been closed due to recent seismic activity. The CMC expects the bridge to be re-opened in the near future. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "CMC officials are currently seeking two men accused of stealing a CMC military transport vehicle. Citizens with information regarding these men or the vehicle should report immediately to the nearest CMC watch station. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "Any and all citizens who were in the vicinity of the CMC security center today should report immediately to their local CMC headquarters. All citizens who fail to report will have their security passes revoked immediately. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "CMC officials report that due to the energy conduit leaks near the main CMC research facility, the area surrounding the facility has been quarantined until further notice. This is Radio Free Cronus."
  • "This is Radio Free Cronus coming to you live from an abandoned war museum where today CMC security forces surrounded and captured a division of Fallen rebels. After surrendering without incident, the rebels eagerly and wilfully renounced their allegiance to the Fallen. The former rebels are currently enjoying free readjustment training at the institute for better behaviour."
  • "Five car pile-up on Maritropa route five when a completely chromed motorcycle entered traffic apparently blinding several motorists."
  • "This just in! Another guerrilla attack on upper Maritropa took place moments ago. Authorities feel the attack is the work of the Fallen, although no one has claimed responsibility yet. Police patrols in the area have been stepped up."
  • "On a tragic note, Miyu Makarana the colony's most admired idoru passed away this afternoon when an unspecified attack routine circumvented security software and erased half of her identity. The virtual pop star was touring in support of her latest album, Electric Puppy Love. Veronica Champagne, Miss Makarana's agent, has not confirmed whether or not the pop star will be restored from an earlier backup."
  • "The stock market rose sharply today following reports that software giant Microorganism is filing chapter eleven bankruptcy."
  • "Medical studies now show conclusive evidence that cloned individuals may actually be smarter than the original."

Negai (Wish)[edit]

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division OST 1 - "Negai (Wish)" - YouTube


Opening Japanese[edit]

  • hashirinuku tsuyoi senaka ga konna yuuki
  • furisosoideirutte kizukisae shinakutemo
  • shinjitsu nante kotoba ima mo mada kono sekai ni
  • aruto iu nara me no mae no anata no naka
  • oikakete kakenukete
  • tsuyoi wakejyanai kedo
  • Kono karada kanjiru mono arukara
  • tamerawazuni susunde shinjite
  • ima sono kokoro dake o ugokaseru nara

Full Japanese[edit]

  • hashirinuku tsuyoi senaka ga konna yuuki
  • furisosoideirutte kizukisae shinakutemo
  • shinjitsu nante kotoba ima mo mada kono sekai ni
  • aruto iu nara me no mae no anata no naka…
  • oikakete kakenukete
  • tsuyoi wakejyanai kedo
  • Kono karada kanjiru mono arukara
  • tamerawazuni susunde shinjite
  • ima sono kokoro dake o ugokaseru nara
  • te nobashite yami o sagutte
  • kibou no kakera naito omottemo
  • shitteru hazu machigai jyanai
  • kagayakasete hikarasete
  • itsumo miteitai kara
  • Kono karada kanjiru mirai no naka
  • hitori jyanai kitto ashitawa
  • ima sono kokoro dake shinjirareru nara
  • Kono karada kanjiru mono arukara
  • tamerawazuni susunde shinjite
  • ima sono kokoro dake o ugokaseru nara


  • Running forwards
  • I don’t care if you don’t
  • notice that I’m watching out for you;
  • Trying to give you courage…
  • If the truth is still out there in this world
  • It’s in front of me; inside of you…
  • Run after me…
  • Run with me even though I’m not strong
  • There is something I can feel
  • Don’t look back… you must go on…
  • and believe in yourself now.
  • I know we can make it together
  • Reaching out ahead,
  • even though you know there’s nothing there
  • Making me shine, making me strong
  • I always want to be watching out for you
  • There is something I can feel for the future
  • I’m sure that I won’t be alone
  • There’s something there for tomorrow
  • Now, if only I can follow your heart and soul
  • You know we can make it together
  • There is something I can feel
  • Don’t look back… you must go on…
  • and believe in yourself
  • I know we can make it together


See Also: Credits


The following is displayed during the game's introductory movie to the tune of "Negai".

  • SHOGO mobile armor division
  • SHOGO mobile armor division


The following is displayed live rendered in the game upon completion of either ending.

Carla the bartender is at work behind the bar. The sound of a gun cocking is heard.

Sanjuro approaches her from the right of the screen.

Sanjuro: How about that red claw, Carla?

Carla: Nothing for you commander, you're on duty.

Sanjuro looks towards the audience, before walking away to the left.

Suddenly, from where he went comes a TOW missile, cascading gibs everywhere.

As Sanjuro stands by the bar-stand, the camera pans out to see Kura and Kathryn are chasing each other in circles; Kura armed with a shotgun.

A somewhat reworked version of "Negai" starts playing in the background as the two women continue their chase, while Sanjuro idles.

  • Game Engineer: Bill Brooks
  • Level Designer: Todd Clineschmidt
  • Mecha Designer and Texture Artist: Steve Lee
  • Texture Artist: Ben Olsen
  • Additional LithTech and Shogo Engineering by: Jeremy Blackman, Toby Gladwell, JT Traub, Kevin Lambert
  • Additional Texture Artwork: Jordan Minkove
  • QA Manager: Jonathan Stein
  • The Test Crew: Jordan Minkove, Benny Kee, Isaac Marshall, Kelly Kristek, Ryan Mattson, Collin Moore, Monolith
  • Mocap Technicians: Simon Wong, Bill Cass
  • More Hype Machine: Jason Hall, Shane Thompson, Samantha Ryan
  • The IS Team... They keep us working: Jim Totaro, Eric Minamoto, Dan Erickson
  • The Admin Crew... They keep the lights on: Gary Kussman, Patti Kail, Lynn Rott, Andrea Barringer, Wayne Burns, Sandi Watanabe
  • Voice Talent: Sean Griffin, Ted D'Arms, Kari McGee, Kathy Levin, Mike Madeoy, Akika Tanaka, Lynn Rott
  • Shogo Opening Theme Song NEGAI (Wish)
    • Music: Yoehi Takashima
    • Lyrics: Miho Nemoto
    • Arrangement by Yoehi Takashima & Nobuyuki Nakatani
  • Shogo Opening Theme Song
    • Produced by: Yoehi Takashima
    • Mixed by: Satoru Arai
    • Recored at Gateway Studio and Booska Studio
  • Shogo Opening Theme Song
    • Musicians:
      • Vocal: Miho Nemoto
      • Guitar and Instruments: Yoehi Takashima
      • Programming: Nobuyuki Nakatani
  • Shogo Opening Theme Song
    • Coordination: Harumi Hasumi (Takarajimasha)
    • Executive Producer: Makoto Sekigawa (Takarajimasha)
  • That was a lot of people...
  • Yes, it cost a lot...
  • Monolith Rulez...
  • Be on the lookout for the Shogo saga to continue...
  • That's all, no more credits.
  • Press escape to return to the main menu.
  • Still here? Please press escape now to return to the main menu.
  • END OF CREDITS (for real this time)
  • Ok...
  • Here's the original, unedited, version of the intro text...
  • A long time ago in a galaxy much bigger than my calves...
  • There was this game called "Heavy Metal" and life was good.
  • But then life turned bad so we changed the name to "Metal Tek".
  • ...and once again, life was good.
  • Real good.
  • Okay, life was still bad so we changed the name to "Riot".
  • Now life was good, for real this time.
  • But, as always happens, something just had to screw things up and we needed to change name again. Okay, we just couldn't control ourselves and we changed it for no real reason. The name would be...

The following text flashes six times.

  • [ SHOGO ]
  • Did I mention the huge email threads about all of these names?
  • Never mind...
  • So, you are this dude who lost his brother and girl-friend during some battle.
  • You're kinda a wuss so you haven't really gotten over the whole thing.
  • But you're a good soldier so the admiral wants you to do some dirty work for him.
  • That's cool because you get to pilot a cool mecha of your choice.
  • This should make everything perfectly clear.
  • Monolith Rulez...
  • (END)
  • That got some good laughs.
  • Well, we'd like to thank all of the great people who "kept the faith".
  • You know, people like Doug Dyer, Gary Kussman, the online gaming community, and of course, all of Monolith.
  • Doug Dyer says:
  • "I told you so..."
  • We'd also like to thank The Anger and The Hurtfulness...
  • ...and to those that just didn't quite "get it"...
  • Gameplay Rules
  • Gibs Rule
  • Hype Rules
  • Web Sites Rule
  • Lights Rule
  • Creativity Rules
  • Blood Splats Rule
  • Content Rules
  • Breaking Rules Rules
  • Darks Rule
  • Gore Rules
  • Shogo Rules
  • Monolith Rulez...
  • ...well, they probably still don't get it so it doesn't really matter. :)
  • Hey, did you know you can use the arrow keys, the pause key, and the space-bar during the credits?
  • Guess we should have told you that earlier.
  • Oops.
  • Seriously, though, we had a great time making Shogo.
  • We hope you have a great time playing it.

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