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Ryan Williams
Fantasized portrait

Name: Ryan Williams

Alternate Names: Wangho and Donut

Website: http://bpf.deathmask.net/

Born: July 21, 1980

Nationality: American

Location: South Carolina

Notable Works: Bloody Pulp Fiction

"Born in the deep desert after his mother was accused of being possessed and chased out of her town, after his mother died during the birth Wangho was left in the pitch black and freezing night where he was cared for by wild beast's until he was found by local Indian hunters, taught by both savage nature and the wild peoples of the plains Wangho became a predator living to hunt and kill his survival the only concern. In later life he traveled with Gabriel learning from him the use of Heavy Weapons and explosives, but then Gabriel joined the Cabal and it's structured life was unacceptable for Wangho. For the next few years he wandered living off what ever or who ever was available until a calling that had gnawed at him all his life finally became a demand and he found himself standing in a small town somewhere deep in the desert. The Deserted town was his home the home he'd never known but had always 'Felt' was there somewhere waiting to be found, as if in a trance he followed a path from which he could not turn to a dark and foreboding crack in the earth, making his was down the twisting and broken passageways he began to see evidence that people had been here, shaped and carved rock, strange symbols and heavy stone doorways. Within that darkness Wangho discovered his birth right, discovered that the villagers of years ago had been right. And now he has found his full potential, more savage than a lion more cunning than a spider Wangho the hunter is born again but this time it is not a human birth........"Joke description

Ryan "Wangho" Williams is a Bloodite known for his Blood fan add-on work, particularity Bloody Pulp Fiction (2009), which he developed alongside RedFanatic. He hopes that Bloody Pulp Fiction is a "good quality Blood addon that is fun" as well as adding more depth to Caleb as a character. He is also the author of "The Nuthouse" map hosted by Deep Cold Grave, which is also hosted on Blood.Freeminded.De alongside "Blizzard". He also developed a parody map for Blood based on the game's notorious killer doors. He also worked on a campaign called "Arctic Blood" back in 2010, but that effort was stymied by a computer virus. On February 9, 2019 he announced work on a remastered version of Bloody Pulp Fiction.

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