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This page is for reviews of the various Blood fan fiction. Editing of reviews is prohibited; you may however add your own.

Miscellaneous Blood Fiction by Eric J. Juneau[edit]

"I must say, I really liked your Blood Story. I definitely think you should do another one! Maybe something after Caleb becomes Chosen, but before the exile. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you did a good job!" --- Dr. Bong

"I read your Blood story and I thought it was great All my friends liked it to." --- Vampyre

"OH MY GOD i loved your story. to death. and i don't even like reading. are you by any chance writing a squeal to it? cause i want to know where it leaves off. that story was by far the best story i have ever read in my entire life." --- Drew Squire

"I have been a long time fan of the Blood Saga. i would like to see movies made. you have given me the next best thing. you story touched me and changed me's hard to explain. it shows the life of an innocent kid with a horrific past getting caught into it. thank you so much." --- Pat Drop

"hey, nice story. it was really inspiring. both 'i live again' and 'dead reckoning' are superb and better than the average run of the mill novel crap they sell in bookstores. i can't wait until you finish dead reckoning. keep up the good work." --- supergeek937

"I would like to put it simply - IT'S GREAT." --- Gila Monster

"This story is a masterpeice. I certainly don't want to take away from the overall wonderfulness (now it's a word, lol), but I find the whole concept of Caleb getting into all this trouble over a girl extremely disturbing. I sure hope I don't end up like that... if this weren't based around an already existing storyline, it would make a great novel, and I mean that. It certainly seems long enough, lol." ---Sir Thom

"I think this is the best blood fan-fic ever written!!!" --- Steen

"Great story. Follows Blood's storyline quite well, without being just a rip-off or a mindless pseudo-sequel. Nice open, surprising ending." --- PhobosDeimos

"Beautiful, just beautiful. I believe it has everything one could ask for in a fic. You don't even need to know the background to read this story. If anything, it's a bit boring at the beginning, but then it really picks up!" --- Zeraki

"The great one did doth write, for the Name of The One Book was written by The One Wallflower." --- Snark

"dude you a natural at writing. keep it up. i live again rules. i sincerely hope you are writing a sequal to that and i hope after that, yet another gore-filled sequel." --- Daemon-Nom

"I REALLY THINK THE STORY WAS GREAT and not too far away from realyity....." --- mH0`DhuLz*bOnGfIsH

"Bada Bing! Bada Boom! That was amazing!!!! When sophia got captured by the spider, for some reason, the word "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" rang through my head... maybe it was something etheral, or maybe it had something to do with the fact i finished reading it at around 3 in the morning! But I have never seen anything like it! I smell a seqal, that was DEFINANTLY what you would call a cliffhanger! I wish i could do something like that... but i guess my nack is in comedy. Well, tell me if you decide to make another! Such Detail, how was THAT done? Huh?" --- Lazarus de Medci IV

"I just read all 16 parts of Dead Reckoning you posted on your webpage. I must say theyre very good and I am awaiting the next chapters. Youve got a tremendous talent for writing obviously as I got into the characters quite alot. Being a fan of Blood it made the reading much more interesting. As Caleb left the theater I felt a compelling urge to kick, as if I was Caleb, and to hit Victor in the back of the head with the bootheel. Just like a feeling of immense morose when he heard of the 8th Grade Barbecue. Either youve tapped into my emotional well or I relate too much with Caleb (I myself being a depressed disillusioned 17 year old who tries to be nice to others but is rather misanthropic and holding in aggression.) My senior year is coming up and Im curious as to how it will turn out. All I can say though is I really do enjoy your writing. Keep up the excellent and obviously growing exceedingly fast talent. I look forward to the final chapters." --- Scar3crow

"Hey, I've never really heard anything about blood, but this story was great, I didn't have to know much about blood. I just wish it was little longer but tahts me, great job, I hope to see more of your work around" --- Grevin

"Let me just tell you, that I have never read anything I liked more than that story. I could relate to all the characters, especial Caleb. I also loved the Dead Reckoning series. Why aren't they part of the main story? could you re release "Blood: I live again" with the Dead Reckonings included into the story? I think that would be great! Your stories changed my life. and I just wanted to thank you. I hope you get published some day. Thanks." --- Zachary R Wickers

"the stories were great but i have one suggestion, make them a bit more bloody!" --- steve shreve

"Man...those Blood stories are friggin great! When will you be writing new ones or maybe a sequel to I Live Again...?Please tell us new ones will be written. I know this is pretty much ressurecting a long since dead subject, but I they really were great, man." --- Caleb (real name)

"Great piece of work!" --- Nightwolf

"Seriously, this series still owns even after being up for so long. Please create more? Please? :)" --- Caleb (Still my real name)

Source: Eric J, Juneau Fan Fiction Website

"I just finished blood 2 the Unforgiven by Eric 'Wallflower' Juneau. It was a gorily gruesome tale and had some of that powerful character development Eric's works are known for. A big Crudux Cruo to the Wallflower for that one!" --- Dr.zalost (ZZaRDoZz)

Source: Blood Wiki User Page

Halloween Fan Fiction by DustyStyx, RedFanatic and Noy jitat[edit]

"Short and sweet!" - Daedalus referring to DustyStyx's Work,

"I liked your story. I think you really got the mood of Caleb, sort of a glimpse of what Caleb dose with eternity." - RedFanatic referring to DustyStyx's Work

Source: Forum Post

Tome of Blood by Hamish Paul Wilson[edit]

"In truth, I think your fan fiction in pretty good! Your style sets Caleb and the rest of the Chosen into different and unique situations. This style shows the reader how they react to the setting they are in. Learning more about them as a person. In short, I like your fan fiction." --- Drudge Master

"I've read some of your Tome of Blood. It's good considering how difficult ultra-short fiction is to write." --- Dr.zalost (ZZaRDoZz)

"Caleb singing opera while killing hordes of Cabal is somehow totally believable. Combat for Caleb is so second nature that he probably will get bored in trying to be "efficent." Johnny is like a totally normal human in comparison to Caleb, I'd be freaking out as well in his situation. Good and enjoyable writing Tchernobog, it is nice to see you having fun with your stories." --- dosgamer000

"Sorry to interupt this blood filled banquet old friend, but I feel I have to elbow my way in just to say this is pure gold. The way you're using caleb's identity to slowly build tension into the story is incredible, this thing is really taking on a life of its own" --- N0t_mINe

"Fan fiction is a joy of any fandom that often isn't appreciated as much as it should be. I also want to thank you as well, for not portraying Caleb as a ruthless maniac who shoots anything that moves. Does he indulge in senseless, sport killing on mimes? Yes. Is that all there is to his personality? No." --- dosgamer000

"Congrats Tchernobog for finally finishing this story. As for final thoughts, it was an enjoyable adaptation of Sunstorm Interactive's great expansion pack. I like how you let the fate of Johnny depend on the viewer. At this point, we know he is very capable fighter and Caleb's so called protege has grown strong and even adapted his appearance in clothing. The spin of making the Scroll restore Caleb's youth took me by surprised, I was expected some otherworldly thing to happen that would foreshadow the return of the Chosen in B2. The dark implications of Gideon's birth at the final part was intriguing too." --- dosgamer000

Source: Forum Post

Bloodworks by Wrim Rimbaug[edit]

"I can personally vouch these are decent pieces of Blood fan literature. Get the fanfic while it's hot!" --- dosgamer000

"Very detailed and original. It is nice to see a Blood work that does not actually focus on the main characters but instead tries to flesh out a bit more about the world in which they reside." --- Tchernobog

Source: Forum Post

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