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Remote Detonator

A Remote Detonator is a weapon in Blood, a variation on the Dynamite Bundle. Where Dynamite Bundles go off on impact, the Remote Detonator will not explode unless the player activates the remote. They can bounce off corners, making them useful to flush out enemies.

Caleb uses these to explode the carcass of Cerberus.

AMMO TYPE: Proximity detonator
REGULAR FIRE: If a Remote Detonator is in hand, will throw the bundle, then bring up the remote to trigger the bomb. If the remote is in hand, will trigger all the Remote Detonators thrown.
ALTERNATE FIRE: If remote is in hand, it will hide the remote and bring up another Remote Detonator to throw. If the Remote Detonator is in hand, it will drop the bundle at the player's feet.

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