RATME1M7: There's No Place Like Home

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"Blood: Rage Against the Machine (BloodGDX) - E1M7 There's No Place Like Home - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"Blood: Rage Against the Machine - E1M7" (Lingyan203) - DOSBox - YouTube
"BLOOD - RATM - E1M7 (There's No Place Like Home)" (BlooditeKrypto) - DOSBox - YouTube

There's No Place Like Home (RATME1M7) is the seventh level of the first episode of the fan add-on Rage Against the Machine (2007). It features a return to the temple shown in RATME1M1: Tchernobog's Fatal Flaw, only now fully armed.

Level Designer: Matthew "Daedalus" Kallis

Song Track: 3 - Unholy Voices (CD-Audio), UNHOLY (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


Caleb has now come full circle, and begins to storm through the temple he was first driven out off, intent on seeking his revenge.

Enemies Present[edit]


Weapons Available[edit]




Fun Stuff[edit]

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