Pestis Cruento

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Pestis Cruento is a song on the Blood CD-Audio soundtrack, written by Daniel Bernstein. It is 5:11 long and is track number 2 on the Blood CD.

It sounds like monks chanting in Domus Durbentia (the title means "blessed (formal)"), and is the only song to have real lyrics (Infuscomus has a ghostly voice speaking the track's title, but no other words). 

The song is used as background music on the following levels:

The levels E3M2: The Siege, E4M6: The Ganglion Depths, E4M7: In The Flesh, and E4M9: Mall of the Dead have this song designated as the assigned track, but is commented out.


These are the midis that Blood uses as equivalent tracks (when CD audio is not present)

  • pestis
  • unholy


pestis cruento vilomaxus pretiacruento

cruento pestis shaantitus shatruex

infuscomus lokemundux bhuudesco

cruento paashaeximus profanuxes durbentia

pretaanluxis bhuudesco praaNsilenux

infirmux cruonit bhuudesco invisuu

bhuudesco rudsceleratus cruentu invisuu

acerbus-shatruex pretiacruento geropayati pretiacruento

cruento pestis shatruex prayaNavita domus-bhaava

infuscomus lokemundux bhuudesco cruento paashaeximus



Blessed be the Order of heavenly Blood

Curse the enemies of Chaos

Make this dark world exist

We pray in ecstasy to achieve wisdom

Our spirits become the living dead

Foreigners we were, filled with bloodthirsty hate

Believers we are, filled with blood-hungry hate

Be enlightened by the heavenly Blood, Be filled by the heavenly Blood,

Massacre our enemies, Curse their homes

Make this dark world exist.