Nuisance Enemies

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Nuisance enemies are creatures which antagonize the player character, but do not cause significant damage. If they appear in great numbers, their threat level increases, but often they can be eliminated with one shot from a weapon.


Blood: A flying rodent that attacks in swarms.


Blood: Small rodents that attack low to subvert targeting.

Choking Hand[edit]

Blood & Blood II: A wandering hand that chokes the player.

Bone Eel[edit]

Blood: A skeletal fish that attacks in schools when threatened.

Chrysalid Pod[edit]

Blood (Plasma Pak): A large seed pod that spits acid.

Fire Pod[edit]

Blood (Plasma Pak): A large seed pod that spits napalm.

Little Caleb[edit]

Blood (Plasma Pak): A miniature version of Caleb that breaks out of mirrors and attacks in swarms.

Bone Leech[edit]

Blood II: A leech-like parasite that infects a human host, forcing it through the evolutionary process of Soul Drudge, Drudge Lord, Drudge Priest.


Blood II: A tiny spider that attaches to the victim's head and injects a poison that causes disorientation and death.


Blood II (Nightmare Levels): A small monster that attacks by throwing rocks and taunting.