Little Caleb

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Little Caleb

Little Caleb (also refered to as Mini Calebs or just Calebs in the boxart) is one of the new enemies featured in the Plasma Pak expansion for Blood. They are a miniature version of Caleb encountered in the levels They Are Here, Aqueducts, and Forbidden Rituals. Unlike the other enemies added, they are not mentioned in the instruction booklet for the expansion, and thus, the background of this being is unknown. Considering the fact that the movie Army of Darkness was a major source of inspiration for the first Blood, these monsters presumably have been inspired by the little Ashes which appeared after a mirror was broken in the movie.

It spawns when the player either approaches or break a certain mirror with a skull carved on the passepartout. A swarm of Little Calebs emerge from the shards and attack with tiny shotguns while spitting Caleb's trademark one-liners in a chipmunk-like voice. If you use a fire weapon on Little Caleb, he will became regular tall person on fire.

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 7
Pink on the Inside 10
Lightly Broiled 14
Well Done 20
Extra Crispy 25