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"I originally started on Lithology in the summer of '98, after my visit to Monolith Productions in Seattle, Washington. The goal was to create a huge Monolith network, in the likes of PlanetQuake. After many months of complications, I gave up on the site for a brief period of time, in which I handed the site over to some others to complete. When Monolith's newly announced games were announced (namely Sanity), I was back on the site with more enthusiasm as ever, after a day I completed the base of the design you see right now. After a week I had fully tweaked and polished it, filled up the sections with general information (I rely on hosted sites to provide more detailed information), and launched it. I decided to keep the staff small. For me, the larger the staff, the larger the complications/arguments/conflicts etc."Lithology info page

Lithology banner

Lithology was a website by Peter "kewl" Parisotto that covered computer games that were developed by Monolith Productions, including Blood and Blood II: The Chosen as well as Shogo: MAD and the LithTech engine. It was best known to the Blood community for hosting the Gods 2 add-on project for Blood II, sequel to the infamous Gods, the Epic Trilogy for the original Blood. The last news post was on June 2, 1999.


"Monolith is an extraordinary gaming company, started by a handful of guys previously doing demo discs for Microsoft. Within a short period of time they've grown to the point where they have developed their own proprietary engine (LithTech), and are in the position to publish their own games. I've seen first-hand how motivated and gamer-like the guys are there, they aren't businessmen when it comes to development. Many wonder why Monolith puts out simple games such as Gruntz and Get Medieval, with inferior graphics and outdated gameplay. Because they're fun. If you're a true gamer, you've played games like this back in the day, Monolith recreated those games with more colors and more features. Most go into them expecting 3D Accelerator support, colored lighting, etc. overlooking the gameplay itself." — Lithology

Although the site's games page is not archived, the pages for the actual games are.

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