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Name: LithTimes

Slogan: Where Everything Monlith Collides!


LithTimes was a website that covered computer games that were developed by Monolith Productions, including Blood and Blood II: The Chosen as well as Shogo: MAD. Similar to PlanetBlood, another popular website of the time, LithTimes was not independent and was a subsidiary of the larger'website. It was most known for covering of the development of both Blood II: The Chosen and Shogo: Mobile Armour Division, where it hosted screenshots, interviews, and news updates. During this time it was also used as a news source by both Blue's News and 3DSoundSurge. It was also the incubator for the LithWars mod project that attempted to crossover Blood II onto Shogo as a capture the flag game. The website was eventually shut down along with its domain being lost, later being used for pornographic advertisements among other things.

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