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This is a list of all the known realities in the Blood universe. For ease of documentation each reality is assigned a Greek letter, these are not the official names.

Reality Alpha[edit]

Other Names: Earth's Reality

The realm of Tchernobog, The One that Binds. As well as that of the Cabal and the Chosen and it is the setting of most Blood games and fan fiction.

Setting of: Blood, Cryptic Passage, Plasma Pak, Blood TC, ZBlood, Transfusion, The Flesh Game, and Blood II: The Chosen (In Part).

Reality Beta[edit]

Main Article: Reality Beta

Other Names: Ancient One's Reality

Only one planet is known in Realty Beta and that is only from brief visits by the Chosen and CabalCo. There is architecture on this planet, this could mean that this was either created by the Ancient One or that at one point a less beast like race inhabited this planet. The second reality may no longer be visited by people from Reality Alpha, thanks to Caleb for closing the hole in the fabric of the universe thus saving Reality Alpha from The Ancient One, and all others who would wish to invade it.

Setting of: Blood II: The Chosen (In Part) and Blood II: The Nightmare Levels.

Reality Gamma (Non-Canon)[edit]

Other Names: The Arena Eternal

In the fan fiction More Blood in the Arena Eternal it is depicted that Caleb was captured by the Arena Elders who manage a fighting arena from their personal entrainment (the storyline from Quake III: Arena) in another reality. In this arena there are also captives from a number of id software game realties such as that of Doom, Quake, and that of Quake 2, 4, and ETQW suggesting that they are also realties alongside those of the Blood games. In order to have abducted Caleb the Arena Elders must have singularity technology that bypasses that of Tchernobog's binding.

Setting of More Blood in the Arena Eternal and, possibly, Q3 BloodBath.

Reality Delta (Non-Canon)[edit]

Caleb intrudes on the Shogo dimension

Other Names: The Shogo Reality

In the fan fiction Caleb on Cronus the world of Shogo: Mobile Armour Division is depicted as a realty parallel to the one that the Blood games are set in, with Caleb entering it briefly during an interlude in the middle of the plot of Blood II: The Chosen. In a time just before the events of Shogo: Mobile Armour Division encountering Fallen and UCA troopers and the characters Commander Sanjuro Makabe, Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Akkaraju, and Admiral Nathaniel Akkaraju.

Setting of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Caleb on Cronus, Return to Cronus

Reality Epsilon (Non-Canon)[edit]

Other Names: RATM Reality

The fan add-on Rage Against the Machine appears to be set in a slightly altered retelling of the original game.